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Frustrating! January 13, 2011

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I am so much more than frustrated. There’s no word in my vocabulary to describe what I am. And I have a fairly large vocabulary! Eriana will cry to eat, then immediately fall asleep. I’ve tried EVERYTHING: wet washcloth, stripping her down, changing her diaper first, swaddling her, unswaddling her, baby “sit-ups”, blowing on her face when she’s latched on and stops eating, every different nursing “hold”, tickling her, moving her around, talking really loudly, loud and annoying kisses. Sometimes I do a combination of several or ALL of the above and she’s snoring while I’m trying to wake her!

Meanwhile, I’m engorged and in pain and oh-so-very FRUSTRATED! I just spent 1.5 hours trying to feed her. I’m tired! I guess I need to pump and feed her breastmilk from a bottle? No clue what else to do at this point.



Three Weeks and a Weight Check January 12, 2011

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I can’t believe my baby’s 3 weeks old today. I knew the weeks would fly by, and I’m not sad that they are, because as much as I love my child, I’m ready for her to be a bit more interactive and easy. 🙂

We went to the doctor today for her weight check, and she was up to 7 lbs, 4.8 oz. ALMOST up to her birth weight! Little Girl didn’t do so well on the formula, so the last time she had any was Sunday. She’s eating 10-12 times a day, though, often until I’m completely empty, and she’s growing. The doctor was MUCH nicer this week, so that helped the visit. The doc said Eriana’s still in about the 10th percentile, and has some catching up to do, but she’s healthy and is okay to have her next appointment at 8 weeks. Baby’s gonna LOVE the doctor at that appointment!

Yesterday we went on Eriana’s first girls’ lunch date with some of my friends and their kids. She was such a doll, and slept the whole time, even in the Chick-fil-A play area with lots of screaming kids around. Between us we had 4 adults, a 3 yo, a 1 yo and 2 newborns. One of us also has a 2 yo, but she was at her grandma’s house (so that friend snuggled Eriana a lot!). What a crew we were, taking up 3 tables! It was so fun, though. I love my friends. What a wonderful blessing to have such amazing women in my life that care about Jim, Eriana and me!

The below pic is from yesterday evening. Doesn’t she sort of look like she was bored in class and fell asleep? 🙂 I love my kid!


Big Love for My Little Love January 9, 2011

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One of the “pet names” I have for Jim is “My Love” (among others: Honey, Sweetie, Baby, Dear, etc.). Lately I’ve taken to calling Eriana “My Little Love.” I just can’t get over how perfect and wonderful she is. And I hope I never do.

My Little Love:


2 Weeks January 5, 2011

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Well. Our little girl is 2 weeks old today. We still fall so very much in love with her every day. It’s amazing to me. She’s amazing to me.

We went for her 2-week check-up at the pediatrician and things went fairly well. Little Girl’s head size was in the 30th percentile, she has grown 2 inches to 20.5 inches, in the 60th percentile, and she weighed 7 lbs even, in the 10th percentile (not that great in the weight category). We have to try to fatten her up using formula as a supplement and go back again next week. It makes me beyond sad that I can’t sustain Eriana on just breast milk. She eats a lot and I don’t deny her unless she’s just eaten and I haven’t had another let down yet. It makes me feel terrible that she needs formula. The pediatrician was joking around and said that I was starving my child. Hey, pediatrician: even if you’re just joking don’t say that to a new mom; she’ll cry!

In other news, Eriana is sleeping/relaxing much more soundly after a bout of not wanting to be put down to sleep… Or ever. She laid in the pack-n-play today for an hour just quietly awake. And she slept really soundly between feedings last night. We got advice from friends and family about sleeping, and decided to try co-sleeping. We weren’t keen on not having a pad in the bed, but didn’t want to spend the money on a co-sleeper. We wound up putting Eriana’s contoured changing pad in our bed (and the flat pad from her unused bassinet on the changing table). She’s been doing great in it. Hopefully she’ll be good in her bassinet or crib by the time she starts rolling! But this is definitely a better and safer option than holding her while she sleeps (especially when it’s nighttime and we are sleepy!).

She seems right on track developmentally, and has a lot of movement and head control for her age. She wiggles around and turns herself in a circle in her pack-n-play; when placed on her back she’ll roll onto her side, and vice versa, and she’s consistently raising her head by herself (but since she doesn’t have full control over it she face plants a lot into our shoulders, arms, chests, etc.). She loves to snuggle and prefers to be bounced, swayed or for her little booty to be patted (Jim calls it the diaper butt) rather than to be still. While eating she’ll grab onto my necklace or my hand or move her hand across my arm or my neck.

We tell her we love her a million times a day, give her trillions of kisses, and I’m consistently telling her how wonderful, sweet and kind she is (hoping it will stick!).

This week she got to take a walk around the neighborhood with me (first time in a stroller), and got to go to Target twice!

Overall, besides the weight problem, things are going great with parenthood. We waited so long to be able to parent our child. She was so worth the wait!


Biggest Blogging Loser January 3, 2011

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Today I start the Biggest Blogging Loser! Below is my starting photo.

I won’t tell you my starting weight, but I will say that my pregnancy with Eriana has given me a leg up. I’m starting this competition about 7 lbs lighter than I was before my first pregnancy. My employer gives me a free fitness membership (mine is at the YMCA), and along with breast feeding, I’m hoping to be the big winner of 70% of the jackpot!

Wish me luck! 12 weeks starts now!


2011 January 1, 2011

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2011 promises to be a great year. I’m convinced it will be. It’s already starting out, by leaps and bounds, better than 2010 did.

Here’s what I’d like to do/accomplish in 2011:

1. Read at least one book a month. This, normally, isn’t too difficult for me, but with a husband, new baby and a full-time job, I am thinking it might be more difficult than usual.

2. Try to be less critical. I’m a pretty nice person, in general, but there are specific people that really wear me out and make it to my last nerve before my nerves even start. I’d like to be less critical of these people, their quirks and personalities, and more open to them being in our lives, especially the ones that really aren’t going anywhere in our lives.

3. Run. I am itching to get back out on the roads. I love love love to run, and in the 4 months between my pregnancies I didn’t build up a whole lot of stamina. So I haven’t really run since March 2009. I really want to.

4. Lose weight. Cliche, I know! But Eriana really gave me a leg up when I only gained 6 lbs during my pregnancy. As of yesterday I was down about 18 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. If I can make a plan, start running again, and continue to breast feed, I might actually lose the weight I’ve wanted to for the last 3 years!

5. Do something better. I started knitting a couple of months ago, and I’d like to get better at that. Or perhaps I’ll craft more until I can do something I’m super proud of/can sell. Maybe I’ll bake more and get better at that; I’m a GREAT cook (if I can say so humbly), but my baking leaves something to be desired. Maybe I can actually learn HTML like my husband wants and I tried earlier this year and help more with our at-home business. Maybe I can get better at my job and revolutionize the process so that it’s more efficient, more cost-effective, and easier.

6. Embrace myself more. I’m the kind of person who wants to take care of everyone else first and herself last. I’ve been trying to get better about this, at Jim’s request, but I haven’t been doing that well with it, especially with Eriana’s arrival. But I know on some level that I can’t take care of her properly if I don’t take care of myself, so I need to take care of me first.

7. Be great. I want to be a great wife, and I want to be a great mom. Jim and I have been married for 7.5 years and we’ve done a lot of growing and learning together and have a great marriage. And I waited so long to be a mom, and then another more than a year after Angel died before Eriana arrived to be able to put being a mom into practice. I want to truly be great for her, to be someone she can respect and look up to, in addition to loving me. I want to get along with her as she grows, while at the same time never letting the line of a parent’s role blur. I know how to be a wife (although it still takes lots of work on my part and a lot of patience on Jim”s part). I just need increased motivation to be a great wife every day, and increased motivation and know-how to be a great mom.

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you have a beautiful 2011!

(Also: it’s a slouchy sweater and Eriana was sliding down; I promise I’m not trying to take a sexy blog photo!)


Amended Baby Eddy Guessing Game

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Hi, All!

The winner of the weight section of the Baby Eddy Guessing Game decided to forego her prize and asked that I pass it along to someone else! The next closest guesser was Amy! Amy was already a winner for guessing Eriana’s middle name correctly. But since a few people guessed Danielle would be her middle name, I re-drew the winner for THAT section of the game! So the new winner for middle name is Stephanie! And the new winner for weight is Amy!

Sorry for any confusion. 🙂

Also: Anna, the original winner for weight, is one of the sisters that came up with the Annie and Isabel designer hospital gown. I LOVED having mine in the hospital and I highly recommend the product to anyone who is having a baby, some other surgery or hospital stay, or especially as a gift for someone who is in and out of the hospital frequently. I got lots of compliments from the nursing staff and friends, and it was so much more comfortable than the hospital gowns the hospital provides!