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4 Weeks January 19, 2011

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My little girl is 4 weeks old. I know, I was warned it would go by quickly, and I’m not sad that it is, because I’m really looking forward to a more interactive and understanding baby. But yes, the time is flying.

This little girl is incredible. I just look at her with awe and am so excited I get to be her mama. She’s very snuggly, which has led to her STILL not falling asleep on her own the majority of the time, and wanting to be held while she sleeps at least half the time. She has been sleeping for long stretches in her bassinet or pack-n-play, but she has to be pretty drowsy or asleep when she’s put down, and even then sometimes we can’t fool her.

She amazes us with her ability to sit quietly in a bouncy seat or swing for long periods without crying or fussing. She’s very tolerant of the dogs sniffing or licking her (even though we try to keep the dog snot and spit to a minimum). She cries when she has her diaper changed or gets a bath, but is easily consoled afterward. She’s still in disposable diapers because she isn’t big enough for her cloth diapers yet. We’re really looking forward to not buying diapers anymore!

She lets me put a hat or headband on her and only cries when it falls in her eyes (even Marcy’s newborn headbands are still a bit too big for our little bit). She can wear newborn-sized clothes, or very few of her 0-3 month-sized clothes (usually as a top layer over a newborn onesie). Some of the 0-3 clothes are the right length but swallow her around the waist and her skinny little legs. She’s great in public, and has become a Target-shopping pro, and has gone out to eat at Hideaway (a pizza place), Chick-fil-A, Pei Wei and Coach’s (a sports bar restaurant), all while sleeping the whole time.

She’s still having eating issues, but I think she’s getting enough. She thinks she’s hungrier than she is, which has resulted in some spit-up trouble, but she’s also really gassy, so that might play a part. This girl could enter a burping or farting contest with a grown man and be a contender! She eats really slowly, which makes it hard for my body to keep up with her schedule. Usually every 2-3 feedings is bottle-fed breast milk, because by the time I pump after her LONG eating sessions it’s only an hour or so before she wants to eat again. But usually she’ll nurse for the majority of her feedings, unless she’s too sleepy and I have to pump, then she wakes up and I’m unable to feed her. That happens at least once a day. I try to pump at least 3 times a day, which has given us enough milk to store up at least a day ahead. She suckles most of the day, so we have to watch the clock to see if she’s hungry or just needs a pacifier. She will sometimes suck on her hand or thumb, but I think her fingers are too little to be satisfying, so she sticks to the paci most of the time. We try hard, though, to not let her fall asleep with it because we don’t want to be the parents that go every 2 minutes to replace a paci in her mouth.

She is fussy late at night, but tends to be a pretty good, fairly easy baby the rest of the time. We’re learning how to be her parents while she learns how to be alive, so it’s all trial and error for all of us. Mostly we just love her and tell her a million times a day. She also gets showered with kisses all the time and seems to like us pretty well.

All in all, though difficult and exhausting, we are so happy to be parents. And we love this little girl more than we had imagined was possible. She’s wonderful!


One Response to “4 Weeks”

  1. Cyn Says:

    I just love that picture. Listening to your time with her reminds me of my time with Kendall. I just love her to death

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