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2 Weeks January 5, 2011

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Well. Our little girl is 2 weeks old today. We still fall so very much in love with her every day. It’s amazing to me. She’s amazing to me.

We went for her 2-week check-up at the pediatrician and things went fairly well. Little Girl’s head size was in the 30th percentile, she has grown 2 inches to 20.5 inches, in the 60th percentile, and she weighed 7 lbs even, in the 10th percentile (not that great in the weight category). We have to try to fatten her up using formula as a supplement and go back again next week. It makes me beyond sad that I can’t sustain Eriana on just breast milk. She eats a lot and I don’t deny her unless she’s just eaten and I haven’t had another let down yet. It makes me feel terrible that she needs formula. The pediatrician was joking around and said that I was starving my child. Hey, pediatrician: even if you’re just joking don’t say that to a new mom; she’ll cry!

In other news, Eriana is sleeping/relaxing much more soundly after a bout of not wanting to be put down to sleep… Or ever. She laid in the pack-n-play today for an hour just quietly awake. And she slept really soundly between feedings last night. We got advice from friends and family about sleeping, and decided to try co-sleeping. We weren’t keen on not having a pad in the bed, but didn’t want to spend the money on a co-sleeper. We wound up putting Eriana’s contoured changing pad in our bed (and the flat pad from her unused bassinet on the changing table). She’s been doing great in it. Hopefully she’ll be good in her bassinet or crib by the time she starts rolling! But this is definitely a better and safer option than holding her while she sleeps (especially when it’s nighttime and we are sleepy!).

She seems right on track developmentally, and has a lot of movement and head control for her age. She wiggles around and turns herself in a circle in her pack-n-play; when placed on her back she’ll roll onto her side, and vice versa, and she’s consistently raising her head by herself (but since she doesn’t have full control over it she face plants a lot into our shoulders, arms, chests, etc.). She loves to snuggle and prefers to be bounced, swayed or for her little booty to be patted (Jim calls it the diaper butt) rather than to be still. While eating she’ll grab onto my necklace or my hand or move her hand across my arm or my neck.

We tell her we love her a million times a day, give her trillions of kisses, and I’m consistently telling her how wonderful, sweet and kind she is (hoping it will stick!).

This week she got to take a walk around the neighborhood with me (first time in a stroller), and got to go to Target twice!

Overall, besides the weight problem, things are going great with parenthood. We waited so long to be able to parent our child. She was so worth the wait!


5 Responses to “2 Weeks”

  1. Rebecca Edwards Says:

    You are more than capable to sustain your little one with your milk!!!! My kiddos are always in the 0-10% of weight and do just fine. As long as they are progressing on their own line, they are just fine! Unfortunately, the growth charts in America are based primariliy off of babies on formula, which studies have shown (recent ones!) that our babies are suffering more and more from obesity! God made you quite able to take care of your little one. If you are concerned w/ her fussing, record your food intake and see if she is allergic to one of your foods (usually dairy, eggs, etc.) then eliminate it and see how she does. Sorry to get all up in arms, but after 5 years complete of nursing my sweet babes (15 mos. each), I KNOW how much better off they are and I am for not listening to docs who wanted to supplement. I love how committed you have been to your little one! She is adorable!:)

  2. Cyn Says:

    I totally agree with Rebecca. First off I’d like to punch that Peds doc for you. How dare he say that. I remember how emotional I was at first crying all the time cause I didn’t make a whole lot of milk. I had the same problems with Kendall and as long as he didn’t lose more than 10% which he was right at 10% for his 2 week weigh in. He finally started gaining weight but very very slow then it sky rocketed. But he’s been in the lower percentile. I think they have a growth chart for breast fed babies they just don’t use it at the doctors office. Plus breastfeeding is a supply and demand type thing. If you supplement then you’re not putting the demand on your body and the supply doesn’t increase. Well sorry for my soap box too. Just wanted to give you my 2 cents. If you ever want to call and *cry* or ask questions give me a call anytime…I’ll e-mail you my number. It took me six weeks to finally get comfortable with breastfeeding (slow learner I guess) but now he’s 8 months and we’re both pros.

  3. Flounder Says:

    Like Cyn said as long as she is not losing more than 10% of her weight, she’s okay. But I don’t necessarily agree that it is just a learned thing. I tried breast feeding my baby more than anything. I have never been so tenacious about something…and you know I am a determined person. I tried everything to produce milk for my son…I felt so incopetent as a woman that I could not feed him on solely breast milk, I beat myself up so much that my husband and folks started to worry. Tara, some women just do not have a strong milk-making gene. Please do not be so hard on yourself. I went through it and it is just not a pleasant experience if you let it get you down. Honestly, it makes me a little a mad when women who have good milk-making genes are so incredibly presumptious that every woman has that gift. That is simply not reality.

  4. braggbunch Says:

    oh that is so beautiful her holding your necklace or rubbing your arm while eating, that is soooooo sweet! yea for target 2 times! my fav advice for new moms is DO WHAT YOU FEEL IS BEST FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY! don’t make the books/dr make you feel like you are doing a bad job or it wrong, HAPPY MAMA, HAPPY BABY = happy families ๐Ÿ˜‰ stay strong & it gets better and better and easier ๐Ÿ™‚ and harder ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. braggbunch Says:

    i forgot to say OH MY GOSH she is sooooo beautiful!

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