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Biggest Blogging Loser January 3, 2011

Filed under: Life and Love — mrsdangelo @ 20:51

Today I start the Biggest Blogging Loser! Below is my starting photo.

I won’t tell you my starting weight, but I will say that my pregnancy with Eriana has given me a leg up. I’m starting this competition about 7 lbs lighter than I was before my first pregnancy. My employer gives me a free fitness membership (mine is at the YMCA), and along with breast feeding, I’m hoping to be the big winner of 70% of the jackpot!

Wish me luck! 12 weeks starts now!


3 Responses to “Biggest Blogging Loser”

  1. Cyn Says:

    I’m so excited for you. I kind of did the same thing. I only gained 8 pounds during my pregnancy and now that Kendall is 8 months I’m already 20 lbs lighter than when I got pregnant. The only thing I was doing to lose weight was breastfeeding and I had to cut out dairy. I started a weight loss blog but I’m not really sharing it with anyone. If you want I’ll share it with you just let me know cause I’ll have to invite you.

    I can’t wait to see what progress you make! I bet it will be so awesome!

  2. kirida Says:

    Yay! We’re both in it! Is that the photo you sent in? Uhhh, mine was wayyy more revealing. 🙂

  3. Flounder Says:

    you are inspiring me…its been 14 months and i still have 30 of the 65 pounds I gained to lose!

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