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2011 January 1, 2011

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2011 promises to be a great year. I’m convinced it will be. It’s already starting out, by leaps and bounds, better than 2010 did.

Here’s what I’d like to do/accomplish in 2011:

1. Read at least one book a month. This, normally, isn’t too difficult for me, but with a husband, new baby and a full-time job, I am thinking it might be more difficult than usual.

2. Try to be less critical. I’m a pretty nice person, in general, but there are specific people that really wear me out and make it to my last nerve before my nerves even start. I’d like to be less critical of these people, their quirks and personalities, and more open to them being in our lives, especially the ones that really aren’t going anywhere in our lives.

3. Run. I am itching to get back out on the roads. I love love love to run, and in the 4 months between my pregnancies I didn’t build up a whole lot of stamina. So I haven’t really run since March 2009. I really want to.

4. Lose weight. Cliche, I know! But Eriana really gave me a leg up when I only gained 6 lbs during my pregnancy. As of yesterday I was down about 18 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. If I can make a plan, start running again, and continue to breast feed, I might actually lose the weight I’ve wanted to for the last 3 years!

5. Do something better. I started knitting a couple of months ago, and I’d like to get better at that. Or perhaps I’ll craft more until I can do something I’m super proud of/can sell. Maybe I’ll bake more and get better at that; I’m a GREAT cook (if I can say so humbly), but my baking leaves something to be desired. Maybe I can actually learn HTML like my husband wants and I tried earlier this year and help more with our at-home business. Maybe I can get better at my job and revolutionize the process so that it’s more efficient, more cost-effective, and easier.

6. Embrace myself more. I’m the kind of person who wants to take care of everyone else first and herself last. I’ve been trying to get better about this, at Jim’s request, but I haven’t been doing that well with it, especially with Eriana’s arrival. But I know on some level that I can’t take care of her properly if I don’t take care of myself, so I need to take care of me first.

7. Be great. I want to be a great wife, and I want to be a great mom. Jim and I have been married for 7.5 years and we’ve done a lot of growing and learning together and have a great marriage. And I waited so long to be a mom, and then another more than a year after Angel died before Eriana arrived to be able to put being a mom into practice. I want to truly be great for her, to be someone she can respect and look up to, in addition to loving me. I want to get along with her as she grows, while at the same time never letting the line of a parent’s role blur. I know how to be a wife (although it still takes lots of work on my part and a lot of patience on Jim”s part). I just need increased motivation to be a great wife every day, and increased motivation and know-how to be a great mom.

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you have a beautiful 2011!

(Also: it’s a slouchy sweater and Eriana was sliding down; I promise I’m not trying to take a sexy blog photo!)


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