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36 WEEKS!/8 DAYS! December 14, 2010

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Wow, I really feel like this year has flown by. Maybe it’s because I’ve been pregnant, maybe it’s because we’ve had so many changes in our lives this year, but I can hardly believe I’m already 36 weeks along and we’re just a couple of weeks or so away from 2011! It hit me over this last weekend that our baby girl could arrive anytime. Sure, we have this countdown going, but technically, I could go into labor and she could come early! So we’re at 8 days or less now. YIKES!

I had an appointment yesterday, and the NST was good. Baby Eddy moves a lot, and was responding as she should. We also had an ultrasound and our little girl is not having any trouble growing. I’m so thankful for that! I’m still between 4-5 lbs gained, but she weighs right where she should for her gestational age (no hints, people; some of you haven’t entered the guessing game yet!). The doctor isn’t worried about my weight gain because the baby’s doing fine, and I’m healthy. It sounds good to me, this not gaining weight thing. I’ll leave the hospital lighter than I started my FIRST pregnancy at this rate. That will really help as I try to get back into shape! We got to see her little face in the ultrasound, and she’s just so precious. She looks a lot like Jim, I think, and a lot like Angel did at birth. That’s a little hard to swallow, the thought that she might look just like her sister would have as she grows, but I know that it is a blessing rather than a curse if that turns out to be true.

I kind of broke down in fear the other night, and Jim was just amazing (as always) with his empathy and his love and his kindness. I’m so thankful for him! The closer we get to December 22nd, the more scared I get. I’m feeling better about things after Jim and I talked, but it’s still really scary, having a healthy pregnancy so far and knowing our child is getting ready to come into the world. We have an excellent doctor, but we had that last time, too. I’m just ready for it to be surgery day, and meanwhile I’m being really diligent about kick counts and making sure she’s not quiet for too long. I just love to feel her move.

The late-pregnancy “discomfort” is starting to wear me out. What my friend Leslie calls the “ice pick in the cervix” (sorry, male readers) is happening more times a day than I care to count, and sometimes will stop me in my tracks, it’s so painful. This morning I rolled over in bed and got a super sharp pain at the bottom of my stomach which went unappreciated. And walking is proving to be more difficult each day, although I’m not waddling! I get out of breath easily, and I feel it more than ever at the end of the day when I have done too much throughout the day. Plus, I’ve been swelling a little bit when I’ve been on my feet too much through the day. I had hoped to avoid the water retention by delivering early because I really love my winter boots (silly reason, I know), but they zip up to mid-calf (so when my feet/legs swell they get tighter). And I’ve been feeling Braxton-Hicks contractions more than before, though they aren’t painful labor contractions by any means. Just this kid right below my ribs makes my contractions push up further and makes me feel them more easily. Needless to say, I’m ready for this kid to be born (for SO many reasons)! I wish there was a way I could let my body know that it won’t need to go into labor so that it would stop practicing, widening my pelvis, etc. Thank GOD I’m delivering 3 weeks early.

Since I finally finished the nursery, I’m breathing a little easier. Now I have to finish late December/early January birthday presents and cards, finish Christmas presents, get a little further in my freezable meals project, and get my lists of texting numbers/e-mail addresses ready to go to the hospital for the day-of-birth announcement. I know that our families will go easy on us if I don’t finish birthday/Christmas stuff in time, but I’d really like for it to all be done. It would make me rest easier knowing I don’t have to finish that stuff after we go home.

Anywho. Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far. 8 days and counting!


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