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Jim’s Birthday Plus Miscellaneous Stuff December 7, 2010

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Saturday was my love’s birthday and we didn’t do a whole lot to celebrate because, well, we’re kind of boring (and we like it!). Jim turned 27, and I’m so excited that he did because when Eddy’s born he’ll be 27 and I’ll be 28 and it will SEEM like I’m just a little bit older than him (until I turn 29 in the spring) and that makes me happy. I know, I’m weird. We slept in on Saturday morning and I made cinnamon scones (from a can) and coffee. We watched tv and then I cleaned the house and Jim worked and played video games. Then Saturday evening my sister and her wonderful kiddos came by and my mom came by to give Jim birthday presents and love.

Side note: Best question so far this pregnancy came Saturday evening from our sweet 2-year-old niece. She asked me, “Did Baby Eddy fall out yet?” So funny.

Jim was the happy recipient of candy, Coke Zero, coffee and money for his birthday. What could be better? Then we went out for Mexican food and to a late movie (the 9pm show!) to see “Due Date.” It was a VERY funny movie. We both laughed a lot. It’s not for the faint of heart, though. If you’re sensitive to dirty humor you might avoid this one. šŸ™‚

On to the miscellany!

-I sent in questions to a couple of my favorite blogs and they were posted here and here. I love these blogs and even more because they are HELPFUL in addition to being entertaining!

-IĀ am 35 weeks pregnant today. I went to the doctor yesterday and everything was good. The baby is fine, movement is good, I wasn’t dilated (I had to have a swab, so he went ahead and checked me… sorry for the tmiĀ :)), and the NSTĀ was great. I have an ultrasound next Monday along with my normal NST and doctor check-up. 15 days to delivery!

-MyĀ alma mater, the University of Oklahoma, played the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the Big 12 Championship title on Saturday and I’m SO excited that we won. My step-dad is an avid UNLĀ fan and it’s a fun thing about which to taunt each other. In honor of the big game on Saturday I decorated his car while he was at work. He has the unfortunate problem of working in a building behind my office building and my office looks out on his parking lot. Sorry, Bob! Lots of love to you!

I didn’t get to do as much as I might have because I was rushing, hoping he wasn’t going to come outside for a break. But the windows are all written on in carĀ chalk, and the balloons all say OU. I posted the pictures on Facebook, too, and one of my step-brothers was really indignant that I would desecrate his dad’s car. Fun times. šŸ™‚ (I told my mom I was nervous because I’ve been playing pranks on Bob and that since payback hasn’t come yet I feel like I should be looking over my shoulder; she told me she would if she were me… Kind of forboding!)

-I only have 2 more work weeks left, and I am really excited about that! I feel like the days are dragging by, but I know that December 22 will be here before we know it. I’m taking the two days before my delivery off to finish getting everything ready, pack my bag, relax, etc. Meanwhile, in the evenings and on weekendsĀ I’m still working really hard on Christmas presents and late December/early January birthday presents, hoping I’ll get everything accomplished in a reasonable period of time. I wish I could bring Christmas presents to work to work on, but that would be a waste of company time. Not a good idea. šŸ™‚

-I started a new book series this week (Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins) and the books are so far so amazing that five days after the purchase of the first book I’m halfway through the second. (Of course they aren’t particularly long, and I read fast, but still…) The verdict is still out, until I finish the third book (it’s a three-part series) but for now I’m loving them. More on the book page once I’m done; I’ll write a short review.

-IĀ started my cooking project for freezing meals before Eddy’s arrival. I cooked for about half the day on Sunday and we now have 8 meals in the freezer (some are duplicates) ready to be heated/cooked. I have a stack of recipes to make over the next two weekends. My goal is to have about a month’s worth in the freezer before the 22nd. (If you have any freezableĀ recipes to share let me know! And I’m planning to type all these recipes up in a collection so that I can send them to those who ask. One pregoĀ friend already has asked, and I’m very happy to share the ones that have worked for us.) It was really nice after my first pregnancy to have a bunch of meals already made and in the freezer. Of course, our wonderful friends kept us fed for almost a month after we came home from the hospital, which was a blessing in and of itself, but I don’t want to rely on the kindness and generosity of others and not make contingency plans, especially because I’m delivering right before Christmas. Plus, how wonderful will it be to not have to worry about dinner for awhile!

I think that’s all on my agenda for now. Hoping these next 15 days fly by in some respects, but crawl along in others. I really need to finish up Christmas presents! šŸ™‚


2 Responses to “Jim’s Birthday Plus Miscellaneous Stuff”

  1. Sarah Clifton Says:

    Wow–only 2 weeks left?! You’re so close!
    I miss you and Jim. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Hope we can get together for some Uno matches before long. (We don’t have any plans to head back to the States anytime soon, but we’re looking forward to dropping in on you the next time we swing through OKC).

  2. Cyn Says:

    Sounds like Jim had a nice birthday šŸ˜‰

    I want copies of your recipes šŸ™‚ I think that would be great for coming home late from work and feeding the fam.

    Well I can’t wait for the 2 weeks to fly by.

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