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Christmas! December 1, 2010

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Monday I put 2 and 2 together and realized that if I’m having this baby in 23 days (21 today), then Christmas was 26 days away, and I should probably make the time to finish up the presents I’m supposed to be making. You’d think I would have realized this earlier, especially since I bought all of the stuff to make the presents awhile back and started working on them several weeks ago. But I’ve been working on the nursery and had a stomach bug and then had Thanksgiving, and then had Angel’s birthday and… I haven’t gotten the presents done.

I did, however, start working on them a bit last night. So if you’re a family member who is expecting a Christmas present, even though we won’t be at Christmas this year (you know, having a baby and all…), then rest assured that you will have a present to open from our family. Even you out-of-towners. I’ll get them done.

I’m actually really excited about the presents we’re giving this year. We’re on a pretty tight budget (you know, having a baby and all…), but I still wanted to give something that was both thoughtful and useful. I think I’ve managed to succeed on all accounts. Jim thought my ideas were great. He’s a little partial to me, so sometimes I just have to take his high opinions of me with a smile and nod, but he seemed legitimately excited about the presents with which I came up. Of course, since my family members read this blog I can’t reveal the presents until after Christmas (I’m sure I’ll have a whole lot of time THEN, haha!), but I’m excited. And don’t worry, family members: this isn’t like Tara’s budget Christmas where you all got homemade stuff on my $50 budget that you probably threw away or gave to Goodwill. This is stuff that takes thought and effort and time.

On my Christmas list this year was a cheese grater. Yes. I asked my husband for a cheese grater. Have you seen this one? Wow, so cool. It has a measuring device on the side so you can SEE while you’re grating how much you’re grating, and it has a trap at the bottom so that if you have to readjust halfway through a block of cheese you don’t have to worry about all of it falling out onto the plate or bowl or kitchen counter where you’re grating. It’s really cool. I also asked for a designer hospital gown, which I just ordered for myself over the weekend. And I added a baby to the list, in case Jim wants to give me one of those. I’ll take a little girl. About three days before Christmas.

Jim said he wanted a baby for Christmas, too. And that we could share the cheese grater. I may or may not have listened to him on that and I may or may not have gotten him something really great for Christmas. 🙂 He doesn’t read the blog very often, so unless one of you family members or friends decides to rat me out, there’s a good chance he won’t know till I give him a present (that I MAY or MAY NOT have gotten him) and he gives me a sheepish grin, and hopefully a hug and kiss of joy (UNLESS I DIDN’T GET ANYTHING FOR HIM) that he’s getting something besides half a baby and half a cheese grater (UNLESS HE’S NOT!).

We put up our Christmas tree on Friday, with a lot of help from my baby sister, who was in town and working hard on the nursery for us. It was really nice to put it up this year, and even nicer to have family around while we did it. We’ve never had family around when we’re decorating for Christmas. Last year we didn’t celebrate Christmas. It is good to have something to celebrate again this year. (Ignore the fact that our tree topper looks like she’s about to fall off the tree; I think this will be the last year for our $25, used Christmas tree as it’s been pretty troublesome.)

I also, inspired by this post, made a wreath for our front door in the shape of our last initial. I must say that it’s a difficult letter, because it was hard to not make it look like an O, but I think I did a pretty good job! If anyone local wants to try their own, I have an extra 12 feet of greenery I didn’t need that you’re welcome to (I already threw out the wrapping, so I can’t return it).

Well, that’s about it for now. Can’t wait to reveal my work on Christmas gifts after the holiday! Hopefully our family members will be excited about them and appreciate my efforts. 🙂 To all of my readers I wish you a lovely holiday season. And to you Jewish folks especially since Hanukkah starts tomorrow!


One Response to “Christmas!”

  1. Cyn Says:

    Love the tree and I can’t wait to see what you’re getting your family.

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