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30 Days November 22, 2010

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Today I had my second NST appointment, and everything went well. The radiologist said that she wasn’t moving as much as they would want her to during contractions (I had three small contractions in the 20-minutes or so I was hooked up to the machine, but I’m not having labor contractions, just little ones that I’ve been having for weeks, and they aren’t regular like last Tuesday’s debacle), so the radiologist had to “buzz” the baby. Now. If you’ve never had NSTs and haven’t experienced this, just know that it’s hilarious. I laughed so hard. Because it’s not a shock or anything, like I had previously thought, it’s just a machine that makes a buzzing noise that is held against my belly for a split second so the noise goes through the amniotic fluid and wakes the kid up to see how she’ll react. Well. Eddy sure reacted. She was moving and kicking like crazy. I was laughing, which moved the belly and made her move more. Oh, it was so funny. So she’s good.

I am still not gaining weight, but the doctor isn’t concerned about it. My weight was back down 2 lbs from last week, and I’ve only gained a collective 4 lbs in the whole 33 weeks (I’ll be 33 weeks tomorrow). At this point, the baby weighs more than I’ve gained. At this rate I’ll go home from the hospital lighter than when I started the pregnancy! The doctor said my belly is growing fine, and everything looked good with the NST readout and my belly measurement. My blood pressure was good. The nurse noted that today’s the 22nd of November so we’re exactly a month away. I knew it was 30 days, but it didn’t even cross my mind that it’s a month from today. CRAZY!

Next appointment next Monday.


One Response to “30 Days”

  1. Cyn Says:

    Don’t worry about the weight gain or lack there of. I had to same problem and Kendall was just fine….as long as you’re eating when you’re hungry. I feel it was more of a blessing 🙂

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