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15-Minute Commute October 16, 2010

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I’m done with my first week of work. It’s been really good! I think I’m really going to like the company and the job. I hardly sat down the whole week while at work, which is GREAT for someone who craves activity like I do. After sitting in a cubicle for the last 6 months, and being unemployed and/or pregnant for the last 8 months prior to that, it’s been really great to be more active. Although, at almost 7 months pregnant, it’s exhausting, too. My job consists of production: printing out a whole bunch of training manuals and handouts and sorting them, putting them in binders and preparing them for the shipping section of my department. At some point in the future I will cross-train in shipping and train the shipping person in production, but the shipping person and I both started anew at these positions last week, so we’re both learning our specific tasks prior to cross-training each other. So for all of you who were worried about me lifting stuff: no worries. I’m not lifting more than just stacks of paper for now, and the shipping person won’t let me lift anything (not even boxes of empty binders, which aren’t heavy).

My co-workers are great (though I do miss my old co-workers GREATLY!); everyone’s friendly, and the group seems to consist of lots of people of different and diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, which is great. In a city where diversity is hard to come by, it’s really nice to be able to meet lots of different types of people.

The best part about my new job, though? THE 15-MINUTE COMMUTE! Oh, it’s wonderful being able to leave the house at 7:45 and make it to work by 8. And I usually leave around 7:40, just because I don’t like to be late, and traffic made me late about 65-70% of the time I was working far away which really frustrated me. I get to lie in bed for a little while in the quiet of the mornings, get up, get around, take the dogs out, feed them, have coffee, eat breakfast and see Jim for longer than 5 minutes. It’s wonderful. My company provides a health club membership to all of its employees at no cost, and I chose the YMCA for my membership. So in a few weeks I will be able to start working out there, which I’m super excited about. I will be able to go workout after work and still make it home and make dinner by a reasonable time. I’ll be smelly, but I’m so excited to be able to work out again! I haven’t had the time or energy, and now I have the time, so I’m hoping the energy will come. 🙂

Our sweet puppy girl dug an ENORMOUS hole in the backyard yesterday (I’m talking a trench about 2 feet long that leads to a hole under the ground that’s about 3 feet deep) and got something lodged in her paw (that we’re trying to work out slowly so it might hurt less, and because she’s hesitant to let us pull on it), so she’s been limping around the house pitifully. Poor girl. The moles in our yard are just ridiculous, and the dogs will dig to get to them, then just keep digging until they get called away or they decide the mole isn’t there anymore, or they hit something impenetrable (in this case a pipe of some sort which involves us calling the city on Monday to make sure that the pipe isn’t compromised before we fill in the hole). Raisele was so tired last night, and hobbling around on three legs, which probably exhausted her even more. She got some rare hours of on the couch snuggle time with me and then with Jim. She woke up this morning with the ability to put some weight on her paw, but the splinter is still in there and she’s still favoring her hurt paw. Poor sweet girl.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of Raisele’s hole. She must have worked really hard on that! It will sure be fun to fill back up; glad I don’t have to do it! 🙂


One Response to “15-Minute Commute”

  1. Cyn Says:

    Yay for a short commute…now you’re little car won’t get so many miles on it. And OMG that is one big hole. Boy you’re not lying when you say she just keeps digging and digging.

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