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Eeek! FLEAS! October 9, 2010

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Sorry to leave you all hanging like I did. I’m horrible, I know! If you’re not my Facebook friend, I realized, you wouldn’t have gotten the “everything’s okay” update after my doctor’s appointment on Monday. SO…

Everything’s okay. The doctor checked me for dilation and I wasn’t dilating, and I haven’t been bleeding or leaking anything (I know, again, TMI, get over it.) so he chalked the contractions up to Braxton-Hicks and sent me on my way. Baby Eddy’s movement has been consistent. Her heartbeat has been great, and was a strong 148 bpm when I was at the doctor, and fluctuates between 142-150 when I check it each evening. I have an appointment on October 29th (probably… I start my new job Monday, more on that later, and I have to double-check the date/time with them) and will have an ultrasound then to see the little wiggle worm again. I did my glucose test at the appointment Monday, and while it definitely isn’t the worst thing in the world, drinking a small bottle of super sweet, flat-tasting orange soda is not that great. I was nauseous for the hour I waited (thankfully my doctor’s office gets you in to see the doc while you wait, so you’re not just sitting around, like you do for military doctors… fun – not!), but I didn’t get sick, so that was good. I didn’t pass out when I got my blood drawn, either! Yay! And I got the call back from the nurse on Tuesday that everything was great with my blood work. No gestational diabetes or anemia or negative things at all. Hooray! I was down a pound again, which makes my grand total, um, 1.5 or so in the last 26+ weeks. But the nurse said that my belly’s growth looks fine and the baby’s healthy, so they aren’t concerned.

Anywho… my new job! I’m starting the new job on Monday, and I’m excited but nervous about it. As I’ve mentioned before, I think everything will be okay, and I know I’ll do well at the job for which I’ve been hired, but I have no way of knowing if they know about little Eddy. I guess we’ll see. I can do the job for which I was hired, so I hope all will be okay. I’m hopeful and optimistic.

So, as the title of this post suggests, FLEAS! EEK! Gross. We have fleas. Correction: Raisele had fleas. I think/hope the rest of us are clear. I took the dogs to the groomer today and they called and said the dogs had fleas. So before I went to pick them up we vacuumed the house and I stripped their beds, their nap areas (blankets in the living room floor), and our bed (their favorite place to play) to wash the blankets. Both dogs got flea/tick baths, and when I picked them up I bought flea collars for both dogs and the cat. Of course, when I picked them up I discovered that it was only Raisele, which was encouraging because if Rubeus hadn’t picked them up from her, with her laying on his blankets and snuggling up to him consistently, then it probably isn’t the worst infestation ever (although still REALLY gross!). Hopefully we got them and they won’t come back!

Anywho, that’s all that’s going on right now. Jim and I are going to a wedding tomorrow afternoon (he’s super excited… not! he’s not really into weddings, and he doesn’t know either of the people getting married or anyone who’se going, so he’s not too excited about being my date). I haven’t done any more work on the nursery, so I don’t have pictures of that yet. We’re 74 days from delivery, and I’m super excited about that. Who’s counting, right?

I’ll leave you with a picture of our sweet pets. As much as the dogs antagonize the cat and the cat baits the dogs into chasing her so they’ll get in trouble, they really do love each other. Exhibit A:

We have great pets.


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