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David Mason August 9, 2010

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Mason and our wonderful dad, David; Easter 2010

What can I say about my youngest brother? He’s a crazy man, that’s for sure! He’s the product of my dad’s second marriage, so we share our wonderful dad, but have different moms. Mason was born when I was seven. He and my dad share a first name, so Mason goes by his middle name. He was such a funny kid. I really looked forward to seeing him on the weekends when we were growing up (Tana and I lived with our mom during the week and went to our dad’s every weekend). He got in trouble a lot when he was little, which I find really funny today, with the man he’s grown up to be. It seems like when we were there on weekends he was permanently in timeout. 🙂

Mason went through a lot as a kid, since his parents went through several ups and downs as a couple. Since he was almost an only child, with Tana and me only there on weekends, he was alone with adults through it all. He had some struggles through his adolescence, but came out on top of it all. When he was really little he was trained in horse-riding, and won some wonderful awards (belt buckles and even a saddle – this IS Oklahoma, after all).

When Mason was a teenager and his parents divorced, he stayed with our dad until he graduated from high school. He moved out briefly, but is once again with our dad, and loving every second, I think, since he’s been “moving out this weekend” for at least 6 months. Mason takes care of our dad, and vice versa. Mason has all of Dad’s great qualities but has also matured into his own man. In addition to working on his undergrad degree, he has been working for a locally-owned franchise of a national nutrition store chain for a couple of years. He started at the bottom, working as a salesman, and now, at the age of 21, he’s the regional manager for all of the family-owned stores in south Oklahoma City (I think it’s 8 stores! at the age of 21!). The store he was managing before his promotion was not only the highest-selling store, but blew the others out of the water in sales by a long shot!

Above all, Mason is a loving, wonderful man. He loves his family, helps out where he’s needed, is a faithful friend (his best friend is a man he’s known since they were both in elementary school), and spends time with his loved ones when he’s not at work. He makes time to do the things to which he’s committed, but he finds plenty of time to hang out with his friends and unwind from his demanding work schedule. I couldn’t be prouder of my wonderful baby brother. I’m proud to know him, proud of the man he’s become, and so looking forward to seeing him grow up even more.

Love you, Pace!


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