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Gracious… August 8, 2010

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Gracious; wow, I’m SO bad about updating this thing! I’ve been hoping to join a blogging network, but you have to update at least once a week, minimum. At my rate, I’ll never get in!

Anyway, I guess I haven’t been updating because there isn’t that much to report! It’s been RIDICULOUSLY hot around here, which sucks. I’m already having hot flashes this pregnancy, which didn’t happen until much later last time. I think it’s more the 105 degree daily temperature than the baby. We had a reprieve the other day that was about 93-95 degrees. A reprieve!? Crap.

Baby’s heart rate is steadily sticking to between 145-155, which still leaves me up in the air for guesses on its sex (I wrote about the myth, I think: over 150bpm is a girl, under 150bpm is a boy). Silly child. HOPEFULLY we’ll find out Monday whether it’s a boy or girl! Yippee! I’ve been told that the ultrasound tech at my doctor’s office is the best in town, so hopefully we’ll have a cooperative child and she’ll be able to tell us the sex! Ike or Eddy? Owls or elephants? Blue or pink? Boy or girl? Holy cow, I’m so excited. I’m torn because I LOVE weekends and the time I get with Jim (since I’m gone at least 11 hours each day for my commute and work and Jim works all day and into the evenings most days). But since our appointment is Monday at 3:20 (mark your calendars! send us happy thoughts and prayers for a cooperative baby!), I’m anxious for it to get here. On the one hand I want the weekend to creep by so it feels like I have more time to spend with Jim and unwind, and on the other I want Monday afternoon at 2:30 to be here so I can be leaving work and going back to our city for the appointment! Baby has been nudging me a lot from the inside, which I love to feel. Mostly it’s little nudges and pinches, but lately I’ve had the occasional big push, which makes me giggle. One day I was telling a friend at work that I was feeling too nauseous to eat breakfast (he was giving me a hard time because he thinks you have to eat all the time to make a baby grow), and then a little nudge from my belly told me I had better take some nausea medication and get some food in me! It was pretty funny. Can’t wait for it to get stronger! That was definitely the thing I enjoyed most (er… the ONLY thing I enjoyed) with my first pregnancy.

In other news, Jim’s cousin, Brad, has decided to try to start anew in Oklahoma, so he flew down (from Denver) last weekend, and will be staying in our guest room for a while, till he’s found his own place. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to live in a house with two men! Thankfully (for him, I’m sure) he has his own space: his own room with a television and a desk, and his own bathroom on one side of the house, so if he gets annoyed with living with a lovey-dovey couple, or doesn’t want to watch what we are on television, or just needs some space, he can have it. We want the best for him and want him to find happiness. He’s still young enough to find it (although I think people of any age are young enough to find happiness if they truly want it), and I know Jim enjoys having him here; Brad’s been one of his best friends since they were in their teens. Anyway, even though all of us will have to get used to the arrangement, I think we’re all happy to have him here.

I’ll post again soon, I PROMISE! I have to post Monday to share our big news (or non-news if the baby decides s/he doesn’t want to cooperate). And I will continue my sibling series in the near future.

Love and hugs!


3 Responses to “Gracious…”

  1. Yay for Monday! I am so excited to hear all about your appointment!!

  2. Betty Says:

    thank you for taking Brad in and encouraging him. Love your blogs and anxiously awaiting Monday’s news.

  3. Bethany Myers Says:

    I heard the same myth as you about the baby’s heartbeat and I’m here to tell you that it’s just that…a myth! My baby’s heartbeat has been at 160 since I’ve been hearing it and I’m sure as heck having a boy! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having! 🙂

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