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Oh-Blah-Dee, Oh-Blah-Dah July 20, 2010

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Well, around here life just keeps moving. I keep forgetting to update my blog posts. Sorry ’bout that. I’m trying, folks, I really am!

I’ll be 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow, which means the kid will be the size of an apple. That seems really big! The baby’s heartbeat is easier to find every day when I listen for it. It’s definitely more reassuring when it is easy to find instead of when it’s difficult! I have an appointment next Monday, but it’s just a check up. I’ll make the BIG appointment at that one, and then we’ll have a date for when we find out if this kid is Ike or Eddy. This kid, apparently, does not like eating so much. Luckily this time around I’ve craved healthier foods, rather than just junk food like with Angel. But no matter what I eat, it doesn’t sit well, and the last two evenings I’ve lost my dinner, which is not fun. My nausea medicine is great, but if I take it in the morning (I’ve also been throwing up every morning), it wears off by the time my dinner comes back up each evening, and I don’t want to have to take it around the clock. Blech. This kid needs to start eating because I’m sick of throwing up yummy food!

This weekend we were supposed to host some lovely friends for dinner, but on Friday my tooth started aching pretty badly. On Saturday I woke up to even more pain and decided to go to the dentist, even though our dental insurance won’t kick in for a couple of more weeks. The pain was that bad. But when I got to the dentist and they found out that I’m pregnant they wouldn’t see me without a release from my OB. Seriously!? If you know I’m pregnant, just don’t do x-rays! Look at it manually! Pretend it’s the dark ages and I need dental care! Jerks… So we cancelled dinner with our friends so I wouldn’t be terrible company, and I laid around miserably for the whole evening.

Sunday the tooth pain had sort of dulled, but it still aches sort of sporadically. I’m hoping to tough it out now until August so I’ll have dental insurance! Sucks that we didn’t buy dental insurance to cover this time period when we bought health insurance, huh? Oh well. Sunday afternoon we headed to the airport to pick up my father-in-law and brother-in-law. My brother-in-law works for an airline that gives great benefits to employees and their immediate family. Since he’s not married, his parents fly for free on available flights. So they headed to town just for the day, had lunch and dinner with us, then spent the night and headed back to their homes (FIL to Los Angeles, BIL to Denver) this afternoon.

This week we’re just wanting to lay low and relax. Hopefully we’ve run out of ailments for our household, at least for the time being. I’ve been having a sort of trying time at work lately, and I’m just praying each day I can make it through that day to the next. Jim’s working hard from home, working all day and into the evening each day and all weekend. His summer class will end in the next couple of weeks, and then he’ll be anxiously awaiting his fall semester to start. He’s taking a huge load of classes this fall, and he’s super excited to be as geeky as possible while earning a degree in physics. 🙂

Not much else is happening around here. It’s been approximately 10,000,000 degrees out each day, so we have been staying inside a lot. But we also don’t want to waste too much energy (read: we don’t want to pay $4000 a month for electricity), so we don’t turn down the air until the evenings. Poor Jim is such a trooper that most of each day he sits in an 80 degree (sometimes 80+ degrees) house at his computer just to save energy during the peak time of our flex plan. Saving us money. Good man.

Hope you all have a healthy week! One week from today Jim and I will celebrate 7 years of wonderful marriage (well, 7 years of marriage; we love each other, but we’re not naive enough to pretend that all 7 years have been wonderful)! Hooray!


2 Responses to “Oh-Blah-Dee, Oh-Blah-Dah”

  1. You keep your house at 80 degrees!! wow, I am way impressed:) Ours is like at 74 ALWAYS. I get too hot too fast, lol. Sean came home from work yesterday and was like “why are you so red?” all I could think I had done scrub the counter. kinda funny, kinda ridiculous!
    Anyways, I think all I ate for the first couple months was strawberries. They kinda saved my life. Give it a try.
    I am just so so excited for you guys……hang in there!

  2. Flounder Says:

    Can’t wait to find out the sex:)

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