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Doggy Drama July 4, 2010

Filed under: Life and Love — mrsdangelo @ 06:19

Oh, the drama never ends at our house.

Last night Rubeus and Raisele were playing in the backyard and Ru’s jaw got stuck on Raisele’s collar. Jim ran outside to the sad whimpering and yelping of Ra, and yelled to me to bring him a knife or some scissors. Of course, I couldn’t find a pair of scissors, so I grabbed a knife and ran to try to help.

Ru was freaking out and in his fury to get unattached he was running around and twisting Ra’s collar up, tightening it around her neck, and Jim couldn’t get to the clasp, and I was freaking out and the knife I brought was too risky to use to cut off her collar, and then Raisele went limp and Jim had to sit on Rubeus to get him to stop and physically un-twist Raisele to get her collar off. (I was absolutely no help because I was so scared.)

Whew. It was rough. I took Ru inside once they were disconnected and called the emergency vet our vet recommended when we called about Sakana’s fall a couple of weeks ago (she’s healed, by the way, good as new). I went back outside to where Jim still was with Raisele, and she was awake and breathing, but really shaken. So we drove to the vet (in south OKC – not so convenient since there’s an emergency vet about 5 minutes down the street) and Raisele was okay, but the vet gave us some meds for her because her trachea is probably scratched, she’s coughing a lot, and the blood seemed to be mostly from Rubeus’s mouth, and from a small burn on Raisele’s neck from her collar.

So there was blood on the backseat of the car from Raisele falling at every stoplight (why don’t you sit down, little girl? you won’t fall if you sit down!) and we thanked God for leather interior, after the fact, of course, because on the drive to the vet that was really the least of our worries. And Raisele was tired and shaken up and slept really well last night. We are keeping them from playing rough for a few days, but they were really glad to see each other when we got home last night and this morning when we let them out of their kennels. Wow, it was so scary. When she passed out I was absolutely terrified that we were going to lose our sweet puppy.

Rubeus is okay. The collar was stuck on his jaw, and he didn’t lose any teeth, but there was a lot of blood, which is apparently as common in dogs as it is in humans with mouth wounds. He was fine and gnawing on a treat when we got home from the vet ER. We’re watching him to make sure no infections pop up, but I guess doggy mouth wounds heal as quickly (or, probably, more quickly) than human mouth wounds.

But they’re fine. Both of them. Thank God!


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