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Our wonderful zoo June 14, 2010

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Well, our house feels like a zoo sometimes, with our 90 lbs worth of dogs and our sweet but whiny kitty. Moments like right now, when they’re all asleep and calm makes me so thankful that we have them. And when they’re crazy? We still love them.

Sakana fell down yesterday, off of a high shelf, and we aren’t sure what happened, or where she landed, but I heard a big crash and then her whining and she’s been limping around ever since. We aren’t sure if she broke her arm or not, but the vet told us to watch her, take her to the pet ER if it seemed to get worse, or bring her in Monday to his office if it didn’t seem to be getting better.

Rubeus dug a really good hole in the backyard that allows him to escape into the front yard. We found this out when we were at the dining room table and Jim looked up to see our sweet puppy on the front porch. Jim filled the hole up and then he dug out again. Crazy mutt! So now, until we figure out what to do, one of us has to go out to the yard with the dogs when they take a bathroom break.

Raisele has been a chewing machine, and has managed to chew holes in three out of four of our throw blankets, and consistently pulls the blankets out of and off of hers and Rubeus’s crates to take into the living room. She also has been rebelling from eating, and we’ve had her more than a month now and can still see her ribs! She just would rather play or run around than eat. She’ll not eat very much for several days on end and then eat like she’s starving for a few days and then repeat the cycle. She’s so weird.

As far as everything else, things are all pretty much the same. We’re doing okay, grief-wise, and confident that time helps to heal wounds, even though we don’t think we’ll ever fully get over the loss of our girl. Jim’s computer business seems to be starting to take off, and he’s been busy with projects every day, all day long. He’s taking Spanish this summer, and is in class five days a week. He’s studying hard and working hard and is very happy to be a civilian. Life moves on, day-by-day.

I’ll leave you with links to a couple of pictures of our crazy pets.

Raisele loves to play in the mud!

Rubeus likes to have as many toys near him as possible.

Sakana lies in weird positions, but seems to be comfortable.

We love our pets!



One Response to “Our wonderful zoo”

  1. Patty Says:

    i’m sure they keep you guys busy:) Seems like you enjoy your little zoo!

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