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Outrage April 14, 2010

Filed under: Life and Love — mrsdangelo @ 00:35

This story just outrages me. As a person who hopes to someday adopt a child, the world of international adoption is scary. But thanks to the Internet and some close friends of my sister’s and some friends of my own, I have read and heard wonderful stories of the wonderful parts of adoption. I have seen happy families who have grown through international adoption. Therefore when I hear about situations like this I am outraged and angered and so very frustrated. From the outside looking in I can see so many options to which this family could have turned. I thought perhaps this family was not so well-informed. Perhaps from the outside I could not see clearly. So I turned to the Internet for some answers from the frontlines. One of the best responses I’ve read is here. This mother speaks from experience as an adoptive mom of a child who came home a bit older than many, and as someone in the legal field (although she’s very careful about expressing her legal opinion, noting that she does not practice in the state in which the situation originated). Jessica, an adoptive mom of a beautiful boy who was brought home as an infant, who is a frequent voice on the Internet of JCICS and other federal decisions on adoption, posted from the JCICS website a response/call to action on the situation.


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