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Take the good with the bad. April 12, 2010

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Well, we’ve had an eventful week! I’m definitely learning to take the good with the bad. Some days are great, and some just are hard. Some have a mixture. This week I got to experience that firsthand.

I got a job on Thursday. I will be working as a loan clerk at the operations center for a local bank. I’m very excited about it. I’ve worked in banking before, but I’ve never worked in loans, so it’s a great way for me to learn something new, which I love to do. And I’m excited about this bank, because it’s the only locally owned bank that survived both the crash in the 1980s AND the most recent crash, is still growing, and was voted one of the best places in the state to work for the last 3 years.

Jim’s career changes are moving along, and it looks like, barring any unforeseen difficulties, we’ll be a civilian family again on June 1st. That’s an answer to so many prayers, as the military life hasn’t really fit us and we’re excited about changes in our lives and new adventures we can have (scary though they may be).

Because we’re now a dual-income family, it was important that we become a dual-car family. I will have a bit of a commute (30-45 minutes each way) to work starting on the 19th, and Jim will be driving to the base for the next month or so, then driving to classes and back home to study and work (and probably running a few local errands, if I’m working all day). We did a lot of research. We’re excited about the new electric cars coming out, but decided trading in our 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid would be best in a couple of years when we’re ready to buy electric. In the mean time, we wanted another hybrid, something that would get great gas mileage and be environmentally friendly, and something that would be able to fit a couple of car seats, should it need to in the coming years. After a lot of research we decided on the Toyota Prius. Even with the “problems” that car company has been having, we were confident that if we were to purchase a brand-new vehicle all of the recall issues would be taken care of. We found a great interest rate and got an amazing deal through our bank, went on Friday evening and got offered an even better interest rate from the dealership, got to test drive the car, liked it a LOT, and bought it. We had a tracking system installed and then picked it up Saturday morning. We think our new car is awesome. It totally works for my geek husband that it’s like a computer on wheels, gets an AVERAGE 51 mpg, and has no emissions. We are very pleased with our purchase.

As if buying a vehicle wasn’t enough of an effort to bolster the economy, yesterday we spent hundreds of dollars buying things for around the house (lawnmower, weed eater, etc.). Ah, the joys of homeownership. 🙂

Thursday Jim took me out for a nice dinner; Friday I got to go to lunch and for a bit of shopping with a lovely friend. Yesterday I got to see a lot of my family members when my sister hosted a birthday party for me at her house. (Oh yeah, my birthday was Thursday. Jim got me a Wii Fit. I hate my birthday, but Jim and my family made it as good as possible.) It’s really nice to be able to celebrate special events with my family. I’m so thankful to them.

I began feeling like myself a bit this week. I was happy on Friday. It was nice to hang out with my friend. It was great to see my family yesterday. Every day I have sad moments thinking about my girl, but this week I finally, after 4.5 months, started feeling like me again. Goofy, crazy, silly, unpredictable me.

Today at church was a sort of difficult service in a way I never anticipated. Here’s where the bad/hard/difficult/emotional comes in. There was a baby dedication for a beautiful boy of a couple about our age. The baby is just a few months old, probably about the age that Angel would be now. Jim and I both got teary-eyed, and I had to get up and leave the service. I promptly lost all composure upon reaching the ladies’ room. I managed to semi-hold it together through the rest of the dedication, while silently crying in my seat. I didn’t think that would get me, but it did. (It probably didn’t help that we heard Billy Joel’s “Lullaby” (Goodnight, My Angel…) song in the car on the way to church, so we were already primed for an emotional event.) The pastor said that today’s dedication was the first of several coming up. Perhaps Jim and I will come to church late or conveniently have to go to the bathroom for 10 minutes at a time during the next ones. Or perhaps God will help us to be okay during events like that. I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, the good comes with the bad. Life isn’t fair. Life is hard. I get all of the clichés in my daily routine. Going along with my last post, I just have to choose positivity. Good things came out of losing our daughter: our marriage is rock solid, we were able to move away from a place where Jim was unhappy in his job and now even more good things are opening up for him/us, we have a beautiful and comfortable home, we have an awesome new car, we have a wonderful dog and a great cat, we have family that loves us and we have hope for the future. It sucks that we had to lose her to get to this point. I still don’t know how losing Angel was a part of our life’s plan, even though I see the good that has resulted after the situation. Good things happen to us even when we have hard days. Life is unfair, but it’s life. I will take the bad because in order to get the good, too, I have to.


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