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Sakana’s home! March 16, 2010

Filed under: Life and Love — mrsdangelo @ 02:14

Last night Jim heard a meowing at the back door and opened it to find Sakana on the back porch. Rubeus (and we) were SO glad to see her. After fruitless hours of wandering around the neighborhood fearing that she had been eaten by coyotes or snakes in the field at the end of our street, I was so happy to see her home and healthy. She was cold, hungry and thirsty, but otherwise fine. No scratches, bite marks, bruises or anything else. We’re so thankful for everyone thinking happy thoughts that brought her home. She ran outside this morning when I let the dog out and I nearly had a heart attack, but Rubeus chased her under the grill and I managed to grab her and put her back inside. Crazy cat!


One Response to “Sakana’s home!”

  1. Cyn Says:

    I’m glad she’s home. But I agree….she’s a crazy cat. Doesn’t she know she has no front claws and can’t defend herself against all the other animals.

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