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Sakana-chan March 14, 2010

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As many of you may know, I am not a typical cat person. I always thought of myself as a dog person. But when we lived in Altus I told Jim I wanted a dog that wouldn’t lick me, wouldn’t bark, and would sit with me without being a pain. He told me that was a cat, not a dog. We had a cat named Rocco that we gave away when we thought we were moving to Guam because it would have been much more than we could afford to take him with us. We then got a cat named Henry when we were going to Japan, but we left him with a friend of family in California because he had a really hard time on the flights from Oklahoma to California and we didn’t think he would make the long flight to Japan.

About 7 months after we moved I convinced Jim to get another cat. We adopted Sakana from a family on base and she was awesome. She was the perfect addition to our family at the time. Other than a short stint at a friend’s house when we thought we might get caught with her (we weren’t technically allowed to have her in our apartment there), she has lived with us and been great. She was fine on the flights back from Japan, she adjusted at Dad’s house with his dogs when we were staying there for a month, and she adjusted to life with Rubeus just fine when we got to our new house.

Sometime in the last 24 hours she disappeared. We think she may have gotten into the garage without us knowing, and then left when Jim went to work this morning (of course, he didn’t know if she ran out when he pulled out of the garage). Rubeus and I walked for about 45 minutes this morning around the immediate area around our house looking for her, but no luck. I had just put a new tag on her collar last night with her name and my cell phone number. I keep willing my phone to ring, but no luck yet. I keep trying not to think of what could have happened to her in the field at the end of our street. The field has a creek and a lot of tall grass and trees, and I don’t know if our little kitty would be okay if she went back there. Who knows what lives there, and she doesn’t have any front claws! I keep hoping that she’s hiding in the bed of someone’s truck or in a yard and someone will find her and call us. And I hope her collar didn’t come off somehow.

I know some people don’t understand the love people have for their pets, but ours have become a sort of constant for us during our tough times. Rubeus and Jim wrestle and it makes us smile. And Sakana bugs us and growls at the dog and cuddles up with us on the couch and in the bed, and it makes us smile. Our pets are good therapy, and we appreciate having them around, especially right now. Even if I haven’t been a typical cat person, and even though I don’t really care for any other cats, Sakana is a part of our family and has been for more than 2 years. I sure hope she turns up.


One Response to “Sakana-chan”

  1. Cyn Says:

    I hope she turns up too Tara. I said a little prayer for her to come home in church this morning. When Skinny was lost for the short time last week I was a mess so I understand. Hopefully she’s just been mischievous and will return soon.

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