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Storage March 1, 2010

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Hi, Friends,

Well, today we hurdled over what I hope is the last painful process in our home concerning the loss of Angel. We moved everything that we had bought for her into the closet in the back bedroom. What wouldn’t fit will go against the wall you can’t see from the hallway, so we won’t have to look at it but we don’t have to have a closed up room in our new house.

I have been trying really hard not to think of everything that we bought for her as hers, since she used very little of it (only a sleeper and hat), I’m hoping that if we have another little girl someday and pull back out all of that stuff that I can continue on that train of thought, and not be sad or hesitate to let our next daughter use everything because it was originally meant for Angel. Jim said that even if it’s hard to wrap my head around that concept, that it can be like our next little girl is getting Angel’s hand-me-downs. That helps my thought process because she probably would have gotten all of the hand-me-downs anyway.

Still no luck on the job hunt. I’ve been trying so hard to stay positive. It’s just that for the first time in a long time Jim and I are on a tight budget, and me working will really help with that. So prayers/happy thoughts are appreciated ont hat front.

We visited a local church this morning, one that one of my oldest friends (not oldest in age, oldest by how long I’ve known her – since first grade) in and her husband attend. I liked the sermon, and I agree with the church’s outlook and doctrine, which is difficult for me to find these days. I don’t know if we’ll keep visiting churches or stick with that one. We’ll see mid-week how we’re feeling upon reflection.

Our biggest shipment of stuff arrived on Friday; this one wasn’t due until the end of March, and the one that was supposed to arrive about this time is as yet unlocated. Jim will call tomorrow and hopefully they’ll be able to give us an ETA. The “faster” (now slower) shipment has Jim’s computer, our vacuum, pots and pans, kitchen knives, some of my clothes that I wanted early in case I got a job, stuff like that. Jim’s anxious to get his computer, since we’re sharing my laptop, but other than that we can live without stuff. The best thing about the “slower” (now faster) shipment getting here was that our bed arrived a month earlier than we expected. Awesome! I love our bed. We thought that our sheets were in the “fast” shipment, but we found them in a box marked baby stuff when we were packing everything into the closet today. So we have an extra set of sheets that we bought for in the mean time, which I suppose is a good idea anyway. I got most of the kitchen accomplished, but our bedroom, living room and guest room are still in disarray. Jim’s dad is supposed to come visit next weekend, so I will be working non-stop this week to make the guest room presentable and make room for the air mattress so he has a place to sleep (besides our brand-new leather couch which, while comfy, would not be the best to sleep on).

I’ve been trying to walk with our sweet puppy twice a day. He needs the exercise because he has so much energy, and I need the exercise because I’m still trying to lose my baby weight (or, correct my baby weight redistribution, as the case seems to be). I am supposed to run the half marathon at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in April, but I am just not sure that I’m going to be ready. I can’t get my money back, and there’s not a shorter race to switch to, so I am just going to have to attempt it. We’ll see how I do. I’ve been running a little bit with Rubeus, but not as far as I should be. I feel like I’m starting over as a runner, which is super disheartening. In addition to walking a lot and attempting to run, Jim and I are starting Meatless March tomorrow, thanks to inspiration from She Likes Purple. I’m really excited to start it, and hope it will jumpstart some weightloss and an affinity for super fresh foods. (Although the process would be a lot easier with my pots and pans and knives!)

On the running track (no pun intended), a big fat CONGRATULATIONS to my Runner friends in Tokyo who did the marathon or 10K yesterday! You guys are awesome. I wish I could have been there to cheer you on and give you big hugs at the finish line hotel. You’ll have to settle for virtual hugs, which I’m sending your way in multitudes!

Well, I guess that’s about all I have to report. Off to have dinner with Jim and watch the Amazing Race!


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