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Nursery November 25, 2009

Filed under: Baby — mrsdangelo @ 15:29

The nursery is finally complete (as complete as it can get) and I have uploaded photos to our Picasa album. Click here or on the photo below to go to the album. The pictures are at the very end, complete with extensive captions. 🙂 There aren’t very many captions; it’s a small room.


One Response to “Nursery”

  1. NANNA Says:

    It’s so pretty!!!
    Have you checked to see if your crib is on the Storkcraft recall list? Probably not, but worth knowing. They’ll send a fix-it kit, so no big deal.
    Sorry I missed you last night, I LOVE my flowers. And yes, I had happy thoughts all day about my Mom, every time I wrote the date, I had to stop myself from writing 1923 instead of 2009!
    Love you!

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