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37!!! November 6, 2009

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Week 36 - 6 November

This post is going up a bit early this week, but I don’t think anyone will mind. 🙂

This week the baby will be full term! Yay! That means that anytime she comes now will be safe for her lungs (and the rest of her). She should be approximately 6 1/3-6 1/2 pounds and about 19 inches long, or the length of a Swiss chard.

This week:
-Baby Girl Geekling will continue to pack on about 1/2 a pound a week in preparation for her arrival
-She’s still in practice mode, getting ready for life outside the womb: sucking her thumb, blinking, turning from side to side and inhaling and exhaling her amniotic fluid
-I still think she’s head down, because of the pressure on my bladder and lower back, and because of the way she kicks me, but I can’t know for sure

As for me:
-Of course I’m still experiencing a lot of nausea and heartburn – there’s no hope of either of those letting up at this point
-We’ll get to see next Thursday (12 Nov) how I’m progressing and if I’m in pre-labor or not
-I’ve been having a lot of what I hope are Braxton Hicks contractions. The doctor told me not to worry unless I’m having more than 5 per hour, and last night I was having a lot of them, but not so many I needed to worry.
-I’ve also been having a lot of very sharp, downward pains, which I understand are normal, but are really painful!
-We’ve been in preparation mode, but I don’t want to do any solid preparing until after my appointment next week, since I have no idea where I am at this point. We decided our mode of information distribution and I bought a calling card we can use from the hospital, and I’ve been gathering stuff to pack for the hospital, but we haven’t officially packed “the bag” yet. We’ll probably put the carseat in the car next weekend, after the appointment and I’m officially full-term.

We have our last official weekend away before the baby comes this weekend. We’re going to the DOD hotel in Central Tokyo for another fancy Escoffier dinner. I’m really excited; I know this will be our last chance to go to Tokyo sans kid for awhile, and that even when we take her, this is our last time to go without the extra baggage and the expense of in-hotel babysitting.

We are so excited to meet our little girl and can hardly believe it’s so close!


One Response to “37!!!”

  1. michelle Says:

    you looked super cute today when i saw you, next pic you post wear the shirt you were wearing today! you belly looked AWESOME!

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