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34th Week! October 17, 2009

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 Week 33 - 16 October

Oh my goodness, we’re in the 34th week! That’s so crazy to me. Our baby girl will grow this week to about 4.75-5 lbs, or about the weight of a cantaloupe. She may be about 18-20 inches long now.

This week:
-Her fat layers are continuing to fill out, so she’s getting rounder
-Her fingernails have probably reached the end of her fingertips
-She would probably be just fine if she were born after 34 weeks, but we’re hoping she holds on a bit longer than that
-Almost all of her organs and everything are developed enough for her to live outside of the womb
-Baby Girl Geekling has gotten a lot stronger this past week and has begun moving a lot no matter whether I’m sitting, standing, lying down or moving. Before recently she was only moving enough that I could feel it when I was sitting or lying down.

As for me:
-My vision might start blurring, which I hope my contacts will correct enough, and my eyes might start getting more dry
-Still no let up at all on my nausea; I had to get a refill on my anti-nausea medication
-The insomnia, too, hasn’t subsided, but Tylenol PM is a good friend to have at bedtime
-My belly button has started to pop; it’s most noticeable when I’m lying on my back or sitting down
-I caught some nasty virus that’s been going around base. I’m hoping it’s not the flu or H1N1, but I really don’t think it is. My nose has been more stuffed up than usual (since I’ve had a sinus infection for the last 7 months) and my throat constantly feels like it’s on fire. I’m hoping to kick it in the next couple of days. I’ve been miserable since Thursday morning, so it hasn’t been long-standing, it’s just a great annoyance on top of my pregnancy symptoms.
-I finally broke down on asking Jim for help with the little things, asking him to tie my shoes for me when I need my running shoes to go for a walk. It was a sad concession, but of course he’s happy to help.

Baby Girl and I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday and everything looked good. Geekling’s heart rate was about 140-145bpm, and the nurse said the baby felt like she was lying crossways in my belly. I can’t tell; this little wiggle worm kicks, punches and squirms all over the place. Our next appointment will be on Nov. 12. At that appointment we’ll have another ultrasound to estimate the baby’s size and check her position. If she’s not head down they can attempt to turn her manually. I’m hoping she’ll be cooperative. I signed up for, but haven’t been able to schedule yet, our birthing class. That should be sometime in November, and we’ll get a consultation with the Labor & Delivery staff and a walk-through of the Family Care Unit. That should make everything more real!

Quick shout-outs to Marcy and Daniel who will be having sweet little Amelia on Sunday, and to Patty & Eric, who will get to meet Aloysius (nickname) sometime next week. Good luck and lots of long-distance hugs to Marcy and Daniel, and good luck and a loud I can’t wait to meet him or her to Eric and Patty! It’s a baby explosion all around the world!


2 Responses to “34th Week!”

  1. katie Says:

    katie McDowell here, and by the way you look adorable!!!!

  2. Nikki Says:

    you do look adorable 🙂 don’t worry if the baby hasn’t turned. Some babies don’t turn until the last minute. I turned Natalie myself by doing pelvic rocks on hands and knees. a set of ten several times a day and she turned by the end of day one 🙂

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