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33 already? October 10, 2009

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Week 32 - 9 October

Oh my goodness, 8 weeks doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s all we’ve got left! Baby Girl Geekling is still between 17 and 19 inches long but will grow to weigh a whopping 4 lbs (about the weight of a pineapple) this week. She’s been moving like crazy, even when I’m standing sometimes, which was rare until this week, and getting stronger, by the effort behind her kicks.

This week:
-Her skeleton is hardening (except for her skull, it won’t start fusing until after birth to help her head conform to the shape of the birth canal and accommodate her brain as it grows – did you know your brain doesn’t fully fuse until early adulthood?)
-She’s filling out even more and probably looks more baby like and less like a wrinkled little alien
-She is absorbing my antibodies as her immune system continues development so that she’ll be able to fight those mid-winter germs upon her exit into the world
-She’s getting stronger, and also getting low on room, so her kicks feel stronger, her movements sharper, and sometimes when she moves it’s just painful!
-She’ll continue to gain about half a pound a week for the rest of her time in my belly

As for me:
-My third trimester insomnia kicked in hard core this week. The earliest I made it to sleep at all this week was 1:30am and the latest I stayed up was until about 4:30am last night. People keep telling me it’s my body’s prep for sleepless nights, but I’m hoping Baby Girl won’t be up until that late every night (of course I won’t mind if she wakes up at 4:30, but I don’t want her up until 4:30!)
-I have still had nausea and heartburn a lot this week, but I’ve been feeling a bit more mobile, and took a long walk the other night which felt really good
-Another strange symptom I’ve been feeling is random numbness in my hands and upper stomach area. Apparently this is normal, but it strikes me as strange, just as leg cramps while sleeping do.
-I’m still not waddling, and I was told on three separate occasions this week that my belly looked small, so I’m rebelling against not being able to walk properly for as long as possible!
-However, it is difficult to get up from the floor, couch or bed. And putting on my socks has been proving to be one of the most difficult tasks of my daily routine. Good thing all my favorite and most comfortable shoes just slip-on!

I have a doctor’s appointment (check-up) on Thursday this week and I have a class on Friday called “Bundles for Babies.” Fun fun!


2 Responses to “33 already?”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Hey Tara! I enjoy reading you baby blog 🙂 You probably get all kinds of crazy tips and advice, but after reading about your sleeping troubles, I had to share! My midwife when I was preggi with Natalie changed my life with this tip–she said when I can’t sleep at night, my body is just craving calcium, so drink some milk or eat some cheese. It still works for me every time. In fact, the longer I stay awake without eating or drinking, the more trouble I have sleeping. Just something to try 🙂

  2. michelle Says:

    8 is a great number! missed ya tonight at striders meeting, hope you and BGG are doing ok!

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