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What’s a jicama? October 3, 2009

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Week 31 - 2 October

What’s a jicama? Well, whatever it is (Wikipedia says a yam or Mexican turnip…), that’s about how heavy our baby is this week, weighing in at between 3 3/4 and 4 pounds. She’s also between 16.7 and 19 inches long – not much more to go (or any, maybe) in length!

This week:
-Baby Girl Geekling is practicing the skills she’ll need outside of the womb, like swallowing, breathing, sucking and kicking
-She can suck her thumb, a skill she’ll lose in the first few months of her life outside, at least until she gains enough motor control to hold her hand to her mouth
-She’s gaining about 1/2 a pound a week these days, fattening up now that she’s almost as long as she’ll get
-She has toenails, fingernails and real hair (and a lot of it, apparently, because my heartburn has not let up one bit!)
-Her skin is turning more opaque (at least as opague as mine, which is still pretty translucent, as pale as I am)
-Baby Girl’s digestive system is all ready to go, should she arrive early, but we’re hoping she’ll hang on for about 2 more months; for now she’ll continue to receive her nutrients from the umbilical cord
-I think she’s positioned head down, but I won’t have another ultrasound until late October or early November to be sure. For now I can’t tell if she’s facing my front or my back, and I haven’t been able to identify specific body parts. Perhaps that will be easier to do after I see her on the next ultrasound.
-She is pretty calm throughout the day, kicking and squirming a bit, but mostly reserving her primary movement for between 6pm and 11am. I’m supposed to be evaluating her movement now (kick counts – counting up to 10 movements each hour), but since she likes to sleep – just like her dad – she isn’t very cooperative. Instead I just antagonize her with excessive pushing on and moving of the belly when I haven’t felt her in awhile (poor girl) and then rely on her active time to get a feel for her activity levels. She still pretty much only moves when I am sitting or lying down, hardly ever when I’m standing.

As for me:
-No let up on the nausea (thanks for your support, though, everyone! you’ve been great!), but I think I finally found the magic combination of medication and timing to allow me to feel okay in the mornings and sleep through the night without the nausea and heartburn waking me up
-My Braxton Hicks contractions are escalating, but still not painful most of the time
-I’ve been having a lot of cramping and strange pains, but nothing that makes me worry
-It’s still difficult to get a lot of sleep, but I’m trying; poor Jim has to put up with my restless legs, hot flashes and waking up to use the bathroom every couple of hours
-I’m still trying to swim a few days a week, aiming for 3-4 times
-My back pain is escalating, and moving all over my back, but it’s not unbearable (since the super painful pinch went away about a month ago)
-I’m having more and more trouble standing up when I’m lounging; sometimes Jim has to help me get up from the couch
-I have a lot of shortness of breath, especially when there’s a lot of heartburn or when I’m swimming, but I’m okay overall

I’m trying to stay positive as things just continue to progress. I’m definitely on the downhill slope and I can’t believe we’re in the single digit week countdown! I can’t wait to meet our little girl. Jim’s been painting in the nursery and we’re hoping to start setting stuff up in the next week or so. I’ve got about three more weeks left of school before I’m done, which is great and scary at the same time. Jim’s been super busy with work and school. So things around here are going on as normal. Hope everyone is well.


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  1. Patty Says:

    Love that top…you looked so cute at the Summer Sweeps yesterday!!!!

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