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THIRTY-ONE September 26, 2009

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Week 30 - 25 September

Oh my goodness, I’m 30 weeks pregnant. Holy cow! That’s very scary and exciting all at the same time! Only 10 weeks to go (give or take). Crazy!

Baby Girl Geekling weighs in at about 3-3.3 lbs (about the weight of 4 navel oranges) and is about 16-18 inches long. She’ll hit another growth spurt soon, so she’ll really start to plump out.

This week:
-She will be able to turn her head from side to side
-Her arms, legs and body are starting to plump out as she gets her much needed baby fat
-Her brain is making more connections and she is learning to process information
-Baby is now tracking light and perceiving signals from her other four senses as well
-She is also sleeping for longer stretches, which I’ve definitely noticed from the outside
-She sometimes will play a fun game with Jim where she moves or kicks, he pushes on or squeezes the belly and she responds with more movement; it’s a fun game, but she doesn’t entertain us on demand very often

As for me:
-My nausea and heartburn have not at all subsided, but I’m well medicated, so that’s working in my favor
-I have had a lot of nausea in the mornings and into the afternoon, which has hindered my ability to work out as much as I’d like this week (since the pool’s not open all day for laps); I prefer swimming these days because too much walking stresses my hips, but I am going to try to walk more and see if they just need more activity
-It’s hard to eat as much as I’d like these days since my belly’s so squashed
-I’ve been feeling her move less and less during the day, but she’s still pretty active when I’m sitting or lying down; I feel a lot less little kicking and more big movements
-I’ve also been having a lot more of what I think are a lot more Braxton Hicks contractions, when my belly gets really tight, my breath sometimes shortens and the belly feels really heavy

Other than growing a baby, things are pretty normal around here. Jim and I are both busy with school and Jim’s busy with work. I’ve only got a few weeks of school left, so I’m really trying to study hard! I can hardly believe we’ll meet our little one in just about 2.5 months!


3 Responses to “THIRTY-ONE”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Wow….you’re still sick at 30 weeks. That really sucks. I was looking forward to the 2nd trimester where the sickness goes away. Hopefully I don’t have it all the way through. 30 weeks….crazy time has really flown by. You look so cute pregnant.

  2. Patty Says:

    Cannot believe you are 30 weeks already!!! So excited for you:) Did you see our belly shot??? I posted it in our blog!

  3. michelle Says:

    go belly GO, u look cute tara 😉

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