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29! September 12, 2009

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Week 28 - 11 September

Little girl geekling will grow to a weight of about 2.5-3 lbs this week (about the weight of a butternut squash), and a length of about 15-17 inches. She will start to slow down in length growth and start to gain weight instead.

This week:
-She’s packing on the pounds in preparation for her arrival. She’ll at least double, and maybe almost triple her current weight in the coming weeks. I’m hoping she keeps it between 7-8 lbs, for my sake, but I just want her to be healthy.
-She’s still kicking a lot these days, but her kicks are getting more controlled, and I know that’s because she’s running out of room. She’ll be kicking less and poking more in the next few weeks as she gets even bigger and outgrows her little temporary home
-Her muscles and lungs are continuing their swift development, and her head is getting bigger to accomodate her geekling brain
-Her bones are absorbing about 250mg of calcium a day, in addition to her body soaking up protein, vitamin C, folic acid and iron from my daily diet.

As for me:
-My heartburn has not let up at all, and I’ve had a bad bout of acid reflux lately, which is not fun at all
-I’ve been really nauseated this week and didn’t make it to the pool to swim laps nearly as much as I wanted
-I’ve also been really tired this week, something I know I need to deal with that won’t get any easier; as exhausted as I’ve been, I haven’t been able to get to sleep at night, so I’m just that much more tired every day
-Baby Girl has been in a weird position lately on my bladder, making things difficult for me
-I’ve been craving mashed potatoes, but I’ve been trying to balance out my intake of those with fruits and veggies

Last weekend we got to go into Tokyo for a fancy dinner at the New Sanno Hotel. It was great fun and a great way for us to get away from home and the hustle and bustle of our lives here. It’s a quarterly event, and we’ve already signed up for the next dinner, scheduled for 5 Nov. I had my second (and hopefully last) glucose test done yesterday, and I’ll find out the results next week. I feel like I’m okay, so I’m not really worried about having gestational diabetes or anything, but I guess we’ll see. At my next appointment I also get to get my rhogam shot. We got our jogging stroller this week, and I’m really excited about that. I found it 10% off from a website that already reduced the price about that much, plus free shipping. And my awesome friends Kevin and Michelle sold us their infant seat attachment, so we got that about 50% off from what we would have paid for it new. We’re trying to get prepared – only 12 weeks left!


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  1. patty Says:

    Glad you and Jim like the fancy dinner at the New Sanno…Eric and I love those and try hard not to miss any. Of course…next one we will have a newborn…so chances are we may not be there 😉

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