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28th week September 5, 2009

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Week 27 - 4 September

Well, here we are, in the 28th week. 12 more weeks and counting! Let me just say that while I know that the hard parts are far from over, I’m so ready for this baby to come out. I have had such a hard pregnancy that it makes me admire and stand in disbelief of women who have done this more than once – voluntarily or not. And did you hear that the Duggars are expecting their 19th child now? Holy cow, that woman is either admirable or crazy – or a combination of both! (I must say, though, that their show on TLC is one of my newest guilty pleasures.)

Baby girl geekling will grow this week to about 14.8-16 inches long and weigh around 2.25-2.5 lbs (about the weight of a Chinese cabbage).

This week:
-She can blink her eyes, which now have eyelashes surrounding them (hopefully long, dark ones like Jim’s!)
-She now enters the REM cycle of sleep and might be dreaming already, too. Hopefully her dreams aren’t as crazy and vivid as mine, or we’re going to have a lot of middle of the night waking up after she gets here.
-Her lungs are almost fully developed, but we’re still hoping she’ll hold out to be born on time so they have time to get stronger.
-She’s developing billions of neurons in her brain.
-She’s adding more body fat in preparation for her entrance into the world.

As for me:
-My nausea has not let up, but I’m learning how best to deal with it and when to avoid the triggers of active nausea.
-My headaches seem to have slowed down a bit, although they have not yet subsided completely.
-My weight gain is okay, even though I’ve still gained more than I should have at this point. I’m hoping that regular exercise will help to slow the weight gain, since the third trimester is when I’m supposed to gain a lot.
-I saw the doctor on Tuesday and I was measuring right at 27cm, so just a little big. This may just mean I’m measuring a little big, or it may mean I’m actually a few days ahead of where they put my due date. I guess we’ll see when she arrives!
-Little girl’s heartbeat was 145-150bpm, which means it’s starting its gradual slowdown (it’s been about 150bpm every visit since my first ultrasound in April!) in preparation for her arrival.
-I have been suffering from restless legs syndrome, another common symptom which is almost as weird to me as the leg cramps.
-This week I get to go in for some blood tests and my second one-hour glucose test. My next doctor’s appointment is on 17 Sep.
-I also set up a bunch of classes in our community for this month, so I’ll go to the Baby Care Basics, Infant CPR and First Aid classes. Then in October I’ll go to the Bundles for Babies, breastfeeding/infant feeding and labor and delivery classes.

Jim and I are headed to central Tokyo tonight for a fancy dinner and stay at a nice hotel. We’re really excited to get away, even if it’s just for a night. Hugs to you all!


2 Responses to “28th week”

  1. Sarah Clifton Says:

    Hey Tara,
    I totally had restless legs, too! I used to think it was a made-up syndrome. Now, I’m a believer. 🙂
    Hope you and Jim have fun in Tokyo!

  2. Mom/Sandra/Nanna Says:

    I think you’ve lost in your face & arms, you look absolutely beautiful! I always lost @ the end, so you won’t necessarily gain more in the third trimester. I gained the most in the middle. I HAD to eat extra lean, especially at the end, because of the indigestion. Remember how skinny my arms were at the end of my pregnancy with Kendal? The pregnant body processes fat first & carbs next, the opposite of the norm, so that’s why that happened to me.
    Can’t wait to see pics of the painted nursery…
    Have fun in Tokyo! Love to all 3 of you! Mom/Sandra/Nanna

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