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27th Week August 30, 2009

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Week 26 - 28 August

Baby girl geekling will grow to about 15 inches long and about 2 pounds this week, about the weight of a head of cauliflower.

This week:
-She will begin sleeping at regular intervals (hopefully to continue after birth)
-She should be opening and closing her eyes
-She may start sucking her thumb or fingers
-Her lungs are immature but should be functioning (she would probably be able to breathe with medical help if she were born now, but hopefully she’ll hang in there for another 13 weeks or so)
-If she has the hiccups I might be able to feel it; so far I haven’t felt any hiccups, but I do feel regular movement, and sometimes a lot of it
-Her brain tissue is continuing to develop and her brain is very active now
-All signs point to this being the ideal time for us to start reading to her and/or singing to her since her ears should be able to hear our voices and her brain development is so rapid
-Her heartbeat is strong enough now that if Jim were to stick his ear up to the belly he might be able to hear it; I can often feel her heart beating in my abdomen or an echo of it in my chest or shoulder as I’m lying in bed at night
-Her tastebuds are very developed now and and if I eat super spicy food she might respond with hiccups after tasting it in the amniotic fluid (funny, because when I eat super spicy food I sometimes get the hiccups)

As for me:
-My indigestion, heartburn and nausea have not let up
-My back pain gets progressively worse, but I’m working through it instead of lying in bed all day in the one position I’ve found that doesn’t hurt
-I’ve been swimming laps three times a week for my exercise; it’s proving to be really good. I’m getting better at it and my endurance is getting higher, even though it does wear me out and I get out of breath easily
-I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so hopefully everything will continue to check out
-I think the weirdest pregnancy symptom of all is leg cramps; it’s so weird to wake up in the middle of the night and have to remind myself to relax my leg muscles
-My feet are swelling on a regular basis and it might be time for me to stop wearing my engagement ring, as much as I hate to think about that. The ring on my right hand and my wedding band are still okay

We successfully cleaned out our storage area to accommodate everything we wanted to store, and cleaned out the guest room and bought paint so Jim can get started on the transforming of the room into the nursery. We sold our guest bed and our extra dresser, and just have to get rid of our extra TV. I need Jim’s help getting it to the car and then to the donation place. I wanted to sell it, but everyone that expressed “interest” in our ad didn’t really seem to want it badly enough to make the effort to set up a pick up time. I just have to go to the base self-help store and pick up some tape, drop cloths and extra brushes (and light bulbs, but not for the same room) so Jim can get started. I’m very excited! If I didn’t know Jim would get mad I’d start painting myself, but I know it’s something he wants to do, and I know it’s not exactly safe for me to do it either. 🙂

My great friend Megan set the date for my shower this week, and I’m so excited! If you’re local, it will be on October 25. Details to follow. There’s a baby sale on base next week, so I might be deleting stuff from our registry, you know, just in case you look one day and then the next day it’s gone.

Well, I’m off to sit with a heating pad on my back and an ice cream sandwich in my hand (the hot and cold offset each other). 🙂


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  1. Mom/Sandra/Nanna Says:

    You look AMAZING!!!

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