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26th Week August 21, 2009

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Week 25 - 21 August

In the 26th week, our baby will grow to about 14 inches long, or the length of an English hothouse cucumber, from head to toe, and more than 9 inches from head to rump. She will grow to a weight of almost 2 pounds! Hopefully she doesn’t gain more than about 5 more! (I know, I know, I shouldn’t hope to stifle her growth, I just really don’t want to have to give birth to a baby who weighs 8 pounds or more!)

This week:
-Our girl geekling’s eyes will be fully developed under her eyelids and she should start to open her eyes
-Loud noises and bright lights very near the belly might cause her to move around more
-She is more sensitive to our voices, so the more Jim and I talk around the belly, the more used to our voices she’ll become
-She is now both inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is helping the crucial development of her lungs and helping her practice for taking her first gulp of air
-She’s also continuing to put on baby fat; here’s hoping she’ll be super cute and chubby!
-Her movement is getting stronger and she’s starting to move around a lot more; I could feel her yesterday when I was standing and walking for the first time. These movements are helping her practice for movement when she emerges from the womb. Her strongest movement for now seems to be against my bladder, but I’m sure in no time I’ll be getting kicked in the ribs.

As for me:
-My primary concern this week is back pain, which has become so bad on the left side that I can’t get comfortable sitting, lying down or standing. Unfortunately none of the massage places on base or nearby off base do prenatal massages, so I’m kind of out of luck.
-Besides that, my heartburn and indigestion are constant, along with regular nausea (but I haven’t had any active nausea in more than a week… knock on wood).
-Per my doctor’s orders I have been working out more this week. I swam 12 laps on Monday and 15 laps on Wednesday. It’s a short walk to and from the pool, but I have been walking instead of driving just to give myself some extra movement. I had homework I had to finish up this morning, so I didn’t get to go to the pool, but I plan to go back tomorrow morning. Funny story, though, I used a swim cap on Wednesday to try to limit my hair’s exposure to the chlorine (my hair gets really dry and breaks if it is damaged; plus it used to turn green from the chlorine when I was little and I’d like to avoid that in my adulthood), and I forgot to put on sunscreen, so I had a sunburn line across my forehead. Cool.

In other news, this week we received the rest of the big stuff we ordered and since I couldn’t wait, I already put it all together (except the high chair, I do have some restraint). So now we have a stroller, car seat, swing and pack-n-play in our living room. (Plus I ordered our jogging stroller, even though I was going to wait on that, because it was 10% off!) Really livens everything up! I also have been working really hard on the guest room in an attempt to get it in order to make it the nursery, and I finally finished everything I could do today. I took a pile of stuff to donate, and a pile of stuff to the trash, cleaned out the closet, sold our extra bed and television and posted our extra dresser for sale, and got a pile of stuff together to put in our storage room (my next project, so that everything I need to go in there will fit). As soon as everything is ready, Jim will paint the room, and then we can start making it into a nursery! Can’t wait. I know it’s early, but I really just want to get everything ready that I can so I don’t have too many loose ends when I’m too big to be helpful.

Not much else to report from here. Just school for me and work for Jim (he’s on a short break from school). We’re getting into a groove with me not working and I’m starting to figure out how to manage my time so I’m productive and not just a bump on the unemployed log. 🙂


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