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25 – First of the last? August 15, 2009

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Week 24 - 14 August

According to some books and websites the 24th week is the end of the second trimester. According to others I won’t get there until the 28th week. Either way, I’m pretty close, with only 16 weeks left to go. I can hardly believe in about four months we’ll have a baby!

I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday and the doctor was optimistic.  She noted that my ultrasound from last month looked “beautiful” and that everything was on track. The ultrasound showed I might be a few days farther along than they thought, but that they would keep my due date the same. And I was measuring right at 24 inches, so that was on track. She also said that all of my tests came back normal, another blessing. The baby’s heartbeat was 150bpm (it’s been about the same every time), and the nurse thought it was pretty funny that baby girl kept kicking when she was trying to find the heartbeat. The doctor also wasn’t too concerned about my weight gain (although I was) although she said that it might be contributing to my lack of energy. She said that I should try harder to exercise at least 3-4 times a week and that it would help with my energy. Of course, it’s so hot here that yesterday morning I went for a walk and it just made me so tired I could barely move. I think I’ll try swimming. The outdoor pool is open for another 3 weeks and it’s open for laps for 5 hours in the morning, so I should be able to find a quiet time when the lifeguards will be very attentive to a bad swimmer like me.

Anyway, on to the update.
This week:
-The geekling is 13 1/2 inches from head to toe, 9 inches from head to rump, and weighs more than 1 1/2 pounds. She’s about the weight of a rutabaga, or four juice boxes.
-She is starting to gain some baby fat, looking less lean and more chubby
-She is growing more hair and it is becoming pigmented, so we’ll see in a few months if she’s blonde or brunette
-Her skin is growing pinker and less translucent, in part due to her capillaries filling up with blood
-This week the blood vessels in her lungs will fill with blood, developing them further, but they are still too underdeveloped to work on their own
-The baby’s nostrils are starting to open this week and she will start taking practice breaths of amniotic fluid
-Her kicking is getting stronger and stronger; hopefully Jim will be able to feel it from the outside soon. In about a month she will not have as much room to kick, making it feel harder (and more bruising) as she gets stronger.

As for me:
-My hair is supposed to be fuller and more lustrous. To me it just looks more brown. Although, I was able to go almost 6 months without a trim, so I guess it is healthier these days.
-My indigestion and heartburn are almost unbearable and cause a lot of late-night issues if I don’t finish eating by 6pm (and sometimes even if I abide by that rule). I get heartburn and indigestion no matter what I eat or drink. Tuna sandwich? Heartburn. Decaf frappaccino? Heartburn. Diet coke? Indigestion. It’s ridiculous.
-My headaches got bad enough to ask for a prescription, to which the doctor obliged.
-My nausea was also more of a concern to the doctor this late in the game and she gave me a medication for it that she asked me to use sparingly (apparently it’s very expensive and the military doesn’t really like to use your tax dollars to pay for it).
-I survived my first week of not working, but I have to work on my scheduling so I don’t waste away reading and watching TV instead of doing housework and homework.
-People I didn’t announce the pregnancy to are starting to notice the belly and ask if I’m pregnant. This is good, because I’ve been asked once before when not pregnant if I was, and it’s much easier to answer the question when it’s true.
-My appetite is really touch and go. Sometimes I don’t want to eat anything, and I hold off eating until baby girl gets impatient and hungry and starts kicking me. Other times I’m very very hungry.
-My doctor acknowledged my concerns about the frustrations I’m having with pregnancy and said, “Pregnancy sucks.” That about sums it up. For all of you wonderful women who had easy, carefree, non-symptomatic pregnancies – I hate you (lovingly, of course). I’m thinking more and more that this will be my one and only naturally-born child.

Anyway, that’s about all I have for this week.  🙂


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