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Mango Baby August 2, 2009

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Week 22 - 31 July

Our little girl is really growing. I can feel the weight of her more and more when I roll from one side to the other in bed. She is now about 11 inches long and a little over a pound in weight (about the weight of a large mango).

This week:
-She can feel me moving now, so if I were to go dancing (hardly likely, with my lack of rhythm) she could sway to the music with me.
-She is also more able to hear sounds, so we can help her get used to loud noises like the vacuum (and the noisy upstairs neighbor) and it won’t affect her so much after birth. She’ll also get more used to our voices and know us after she arrives.
-The blood vessels in her lungs are preparing her for taking her first breaths.
-Her skin is quite saggy now, but she’ll start to fill out as she packs on the pounds in the coming weeks.
-Her organs and bones are visible through her translucent skin, which is a reddish tone because of the veins and arteries that are developing underneath. Her skin will become less transparent in the coming weeks, but if she has my fair skin tone her veins will still be visible through her skin as purple and blue lines.
-Her grip has developed and she might have taken to holding on to her umbilical cord, since there’s nothing else to grab on to.
-Her sense of sight is more developed and she can now perceive light and dark through her fused eyelids (but of course she primarily lives in darkness).
-Her eyelashes and eyebrows have formed. I hope she has my eyebrows and Jim’s eyelashes (no offense, Joe, on me not wanting her to have your family’s eyebrows :).
-The hair atop her head should be continuing to grow, and if my heartburn is any indication (if the old wive’s tale holds true), she will have one full head of hair. Right now the hair lacks pigment and is bright white. We’ll just have to wait and see if she has blonde hair like the majority of my family or dark brown hair like Jim’s.

As for me:
-My nausea has not eased a bit, and neither have my headaches.
-My heartburn has increased along with my indigestion (which doesn’t help the nausea). I am still popping Tums as often as is safe, and I’m drinking a lot of milk to try to push everything back down.
-Water retention might start becoming a problem, as will circulation as I begin retaining water. Exercise should help with circulation, but I’m always so tired and/or nauseous that exercise is hard to accomplish.
-My skin is reddish and blotchy a lot more often, a side effect of pregnancy thatcan change skin pigmentation. It looks as if I’m flushed or overheated a lot, but I’m not.
-My water intake has been steady, so I’m definitely hydrated enough. My eating habits are still touch and go, but I eat when I can stomach it and I eat as much as I’m able, which is generally about half or a little more than half of the size meals I used to consume.

This will be my last week of work and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I am so tired in the evenings when I get home from work that my last term of school was a near disaster, with my striving at the last minute every week to turn in my homework. So being able to focus on homework during the day will be great. Plus I’ll have time to exercise while still fitting enough sleep in and should have enough time in the day to do some housework as well (provided the housework I choose doesn’t nauseate me). I know that there are many women out there who have had rougher pregnancies than mine, but being nauseated by so much, and having been nauseated every day for the last 14 weeks is hardly ideal. Plus my headaches and the exhaustion debilitate me and make me rather worthless at being able to accomplish anything. I don’t know how women do it with more difficult pregnancies and working full-time and going to school or running a family or both. I have the utmost respect for women who can make it work; I am not one of them! So needless to say, quitting my job early is the best option for me, for my sanity (and for Jim’s) and for my schooling not to suffer.


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