Our Little Geekling

Our journey toward finding out what it means to be a parent.

22 – Big Week! July 25, 2009

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Hi, everyone!

Week 21 - 24 July

This week:
-Our little girl geekling will grow to about the size of a spaghetti squash (11 inches long from head to toe, 8 inches from head to rump) and a weight of about 1 pound. We’re out of the ounces and into the pounds!
-Her lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct and she’s developing tiny tooth buds beneath her gums
-Her eyes have formed, but her irises still lack pigment (blue or brown, we’ll see!)
-Fine hairs called lanugo cover her body and she has deep wrinkles on her skin that will go away when she develops a padding of fat (can’t wait for a chubby little baby!)
-Inside her belly her pancreas is developing, helping the production of important  hormones
-She can now perceive light and dark, hear our voices and my heartbeat as well as the gurgling of my stomach and the sound of blood as it circulates through my body

As for me:
-My uterus stretches to about an inch above my belly button; I guess I’m making room for the growing little one
-I have definitely been feeling the geekling move, now, there’s no doubt about it; she seems to punch my bladder hardest when it’s full – I know, it’s just a precursor of the strength she’ll gain to injure me from the inside out later on
-My back pain is accelerating at a high rate; we bought a back massager today to attempt to curb some of the pain. I cannot find a comfortable position in which to sleep so I’m barely getting any, not to mention the three or four times a night I have to get up so I can use the bathroom
-My headaches have all but subsided – I only get one or two a week now, and they rarely last longer than 12 hours
-My nausea has not subsided – still crossing my fingers that it will actually go away at some point during my pregnancy. Only a few active incidents this week, but I feel like rather than slowing down the nausea is escalating; indigestion is plaguing me now, too, so I’m downing the maximum dosage of Tums every day
-I got lots of good advice on how to deal with unsolicited advice this week – thanks to Michelle for the best advice of all! 😉

We got the chance to go away last night to the recreation area our base owns for our anniversary. The manager is a business friend of mine and hooked us up with the DV (distinguished visitor) Suite. It was really nice, and even though it was just a night, it was great to get away from home, have some quiet away from the base, have a fancy dinner, and not have to clean up after ourselves. We played Monopoly and watched movies all evening – it was great! Tomorrow marks SIX years of marriage. Some may say we’re just getting started, but I feel like we’ve come a long way. Six years is pretty significant in a world where 50% of all marriages end in divorce and many give up as soon as the going gets tough.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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