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It’s a… July 23, 2009

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20090723 fixed

We’re SO excited about our little one. The ultrasound result was the same today as 6 weeks ago at our appointment in Denver, so with two seasoned ultrasound techs making the same assessment we’re pretty confident we can go pink and purple buying crazy. 🙂

She was moving around, had a strong heartbeat of 153bpm and was punching and kicking like crazy. I’m only feeling light punches/kicks and vibrations of her moving, but at least I’m feeling something!

Hope you’re all well!


One Response to “It’s a…”

  1. Mom/Sandra/Nanna Says:

    Pink & purple crazy sounds great!
    Such wonderful news….
    And if this baby girl moves like you did, people will be able to see your belly move while you feel it. I swore you’d be born doing back-flips, and it wasn’t too long until you were! And apparently your little neice is following in your footsteps. You’ll have to ask Tana about the trampoline incident, the mud incident, and the doll stroller incident, & that was just one day in the life of Abbie!
    Love you so much, and thanks for letting us know our newest grandbaby’s gender.

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