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Eighteen June 27, 2009

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Week 17 - 26 June

Our little geekling is growing by leaps and bounds (or by fruits and vegetables). This week s/he will grow to about the size of a bell pepper, about 5.5 inches long, and will weigh about 7 ounces. My uterus is now about the size of a cantaloupe.

This week:
-He or she will be flexing his or her muscles; I’m just aching to start feeling this movement – move away, Baby!
-His or her blood vessels are visible through his or her thin skin
-His or her ears are now in their final position, but are standing out from his or her head a little bit
-A protective covering of myelin is starting to form around the baby’s nerves, and will continue its formation in his or her first year of growth out of utero
-If the baby is a boy, his genitals are noticeable now and we would be able to see them in an ultrasound
-If the baby is a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place

As for me:
-My uterus continues to grow to accomodate the growing geekling, and I can feel it each week getting higher
-I felt confident enough to wear maternity clothes for the first time this week; I wore maternity jeans on Friday to work, and the jeans a maternity t-shirt to run errands today. My belly isn’t quite big enough to fill it all out, but it definitely is sticking out, and the pants were pretty comfy (not any more comfortable than my regular jeans with a belly band, but since there’s not button/zipper, the maternity jeans have a little less lumpyness)
-My headaches are continuing, almost every day, but since I have learned the secret of having some caffeine at the onset, and I bought children’s chewable tylenol so I wouldn’t have to try to swallow the pills
-The nausea has also continued; after thinking I was in the clear with 10 days of no active nausea I threw up the other day. Since then I’ve just had the regular short gag reflex and some bad days of all day nauseated feeling
-My appetite is back in full force, but I’m not overdoing it; I eat more often, but I don’t think I’m eating as much as it maybe seems/feels like. I am still only up 2-3 lbs, depending on the day/time of day. I’m pretty happy with that amount of weight gain
-I haven’t been getting up to go work out this week – I know, it’s bad. I have really good intentions, just not a lot of motivation

We bought a crib a couple of weeks ago; it was on sale (regularly $230, we bought it for $112!). We’re waiting on most other things for awhile, not the least of which is because we have to get rid of the bed, dresser and tv in the guest room first, and I have to organize the closet in the room to make space for all of the baby stuff. We picked out the bedding, it’s got elephants on it (you can serach for it at JCPenney.com; it’s by Carter’s)! We’re just waiting to find out if we should buy the pink or green set. I have been searching for the other things we need, but can’t find a lot that we won’t have to buy from the States. There are a lot of things that we will have to buy on-line and ship elsewhere before it is shipped to us. It will be a pain in the rear to pay double shipping and to inconvenience a family member (thanks, Terry!), but it’s better than buying things locally that we can’t read the reviews for (all in Japanese) or buying something lower quality just because it’s more readily available. Anyway, that’s all that’s happening this week. Crazy to think we’re this far already; less than three weeks till the halfway mark!