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Seventeen June 20, 2009

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Hi, everyone!

I really appreciate all of the feedback I’ve gotten on the blog. It makes me so happy to know that you are checking it, following our journey and staying up to date on what’s going on.

On Thursday I went for a heartbeat check and some routine tests. It took the tech a while to find our stubborn little baby’s heartbeat, but it was a strong 150bpm, same as it has been since the first time I heard it back in April. I went to the lab to have blood drawn and had my first glucose test. I didn’t hear back from the doc… yet. She said she’d call if anything was abnormal. Hopefully I don’t get a call! I opted for the cystic fibrosis testing, since my maternal medical history is so ambiguous, and being Caucasian increases the chance of me carrying the CF gene. If I am a carrier Jim will have to be tested, too, to see if there’s a chance of our baby having the disorder. It’s not a huge problem, CF, but I figure it’s better to know whatever we might need to know up front, no matter what it is.

Anyway, this week:
-The baby’s skeleton will be changing from soft cartilage to bone
-The umbilical cord will grow even more strong
-By the end of the week, he or she will be about 5 inches long from head to rump and weigh about 5 ounces, about as much as a turnip
-The baby is now sucking and swallowing
-He or she can now move his or her joints
-His or her sweat glands are starting to develop
-That heartbeat I heard on Thursday is now being regulated by the brain and will start to slow down soon
-He or she is starting to develop more baby fat
As for me:
-As I start to show more, I will have to work out a way to politely tell people I don’t want to touch my belly to not touch my belly! Of course I don’t mind my friends touching, and if my family were here I wouldn’t mind with them, but strangers, acquaintances, etc.? No way! Any ideas would be helpful.
-My balance may also start to be affected… great! I have the worst balance in the world, already, stumbling, running into stuff, unsteady when I stand up. Riding a bike has been off-limits since the wreck I had about 2 and a half months ago. I also stopped wearing heels to work to cut down on the chance to fall off of them (a regular occurence). So if you’re local and you see me start to fall at the store or a restaurant or in the office, catch me, okay?

My nausea has yet to subside, although I guess if I’m only getting nauseated twice a day when I brush my teeth and I’m rarely throwing up, I should count my blessings. I am hoping it goes away soon, but after talking with my mom and sister about their bouts with pregnancy nausea, I’m not counting on it! Other than that, though, I have it pretty easy. Standing for long periods of time, carrying stuff, moving around a lot, etc., still wear me out pretty easily (who knew folding a few loads of laundry at once could be exhausting!?), but I think most of my sleepiness has subsided (except for the jetlag, which I THINK I finished with last night by staying up till almost 10 and sleeping until 8. I’ve been having some pretty major headaches, one lasted two and a half days this week, but I’m trying to stay hydrated and accept that caffeine and tylenol might be in order when I have a bad headache. My sweet husband has been nice enough to take over the dishes (which still make me nauseous, too), and to be diligent about the cat box, even though only I can smell it.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and Jim and I are NOT celebrating it together, because we weren’t together for Mother’s Day so he doesn’t want to celebrate his holiday either. We’ll go big next year for both. We do have some amazing fathers and father-figures in our lives, though, and we are SO thankful for all of the men in our lives that have guided us and helped us in our quest to become successful, happy, well-rounded, well-educated adults. So thanks on Jim’s side to Grandpa Minas, Joe and Terry, on our shared side to Larry, and on my side to Papa, Dad and Bob. You guys all mean so much to us and we couldn’t be happier to call you our family. And a special thanks from me to Joe and Terry for helping to make Jim into the man he is today, a man with great role models on how to be a father, and two men who have assured me by example that Jim will be a fantastic father.

I scheduled our next ultrasound for July 23rd. Stay tuned; we’re still deciding if we want to do a big sex-of-the-baby reveal or not!
Love to you all!


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  1. michelle Says:

    keep it a secret!

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