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SIXTEEN-I skipped a week… June 15, 2009

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Well, we hit the second trimester in full force. We are done with the 15th week and into the 16th. I am starting to show a little bit, and I really feel like there’s a baby in there now. None of my pants button, and half of them only zip up halfway, if at all. 🙂 Those belly bands are really coming in handy! We are back home now, and jetlagged. But we’re glad to be back home and our comfortable bed never felt better than last night after 24 hours of traveling! We had a GREAT visit with our families in the States and were sad to have to leave them again. Just a little bit longer till we’re permanently closer than a 14-hour flight away! We sent eight, yes EIGHT, boxes of stuff back to Japan and are waiting patiently (well, somewhat) for them to get here. We got the cat back tonight and she’s doing nicely, although she’ll have to be broken of some bad habits like sleeping under the covers (thanks, Meg!) as her WONDERFUL caregivers let her over the last month. No, we are VERY thankful for my co-worker, Meg, and her husband, Jason, for watching our kitty and treating her so well (and not letting the dogs eat her!). Thanks, Meg and Jason! And also a shout-out to Abby for taking care of our apartment. Thank you SO much!

We had an elective ultrasound done in Denver and it was amazing to see our sweet geekling moving around. Since Jim wasn’t with me when I had the first one done, this was his first chance to see our little one and get to hear his/her heartbeat. I could see him/her kicking away and I am so excited to start feeling it; hopefully that happens soon! The baby’s heart was beating at 150 bpm, the same as his/her heartbeat back in April. We will have another heartbeat check and some blood drawn on Thursday, and then our big sex revealing ultrasound in a few weeks. We have a pretty good idea of the baby’s sex after the ultrasound in Denver, but we want to be sure, and we still haven’t decided if we want to make it a surprise for everyone else or not. 🙂

Okay, so 16 weeks. This week:
-The baby now weighs about 3-5 oz and is four to five inches long; he/she will grow this week to about the size of an avacado (and if s/he is anything like his/her mother, will LOVE guacamole!)
-His/her tiny muscles, especially back muscles, are becoming stronger, so that s/he can straighten out; I guess that’s when s/he starts kicking really hard and I can feel it?
-His/her eyes are finally working and have moved closer to the front of his/her head, are making small side-to-side movements and perceiving light, despite the fact that his/her eyelids are still sealed
-The patterning of his/her scalp has begun, though his/her hair has not started growing yet
-His/her toenails have begun growing
-His/her heart will be pumping about 25 quarts per day by the end of the week

Lots of stuff going on in there! Our sweet geekling is really coming along!

Love to you all,


2 Responses to “SIXTEEN-I skipped a week…”

  1. Mom/Sandra/Nanna Says:

    This blog is absolutely wonderful, I’m so excited that you’re including us all this way. If you have an idea of the sex of the little one is, I have no preference one way or the other, but I do hope that you’ll share with us before the birth. However, it’s your decision, of course.
    Love to all 3 of you!

  2. michelle Says:

    8 boxes?! go belly band go!

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