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14! 14! 14! June 3, 2009

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We are entering the second trimester! We are officially 13 weeks and into the 14th week of development.

This week:
-The baby will be able to (and might be): squint, frown, grimace, pee and suck his/her thumb
-His or her brain impulses are causing the baby to begin making facial expressions
-His or her kidneys are producing urine, which is released into the amniotic fluid around him or her – kind of icky to think about
-He or she can grasp something now, if there were something to grasp
-The geekling is stretching out and from head to bottom will be about 3 1/2 inches at the end of the week, about the size of a lemon
-He or she weighs approximately 1 1/2 ounces.
-His or her body is growing faster than his or her head now, and his or her neck is becoming more and more distinct
-By the time we officially hit 14 weeks on Friday the baby’s arms will have grown proportionately to his or her body (not the legs yet, but with his/her daddy’s legs, I’m sure they’re to grow long soon.
-He or she is starting to develop hair called lanugo all over his or her body, which is an ultra-fine covering
-The baby’s liver will start making bile this week, hopefully not in preparation for college drinking years, though.
-His or her spleen will start producing red blood cells this week
-He or she is moving, even though I can’t feel it yet; hopefully we’ll get to that point soon!

As for me:
-I am still pretty nauseous on most days, but it seems like it’s wearing down a bit and my palate has not been nearly as picky
-I have gotten my appetite back, which is bad with the large portion sizes at restaurants here; I’m really going to have to watch it if I want to keep my weight gain on track
-I am still pretty tired, but it’s getting better; I’m hoping that when we get to our hotel in at our next stop on our vacation I will be able to wake up and work out most days

We have just a few days remaining with my family and then fly to our next destination on Friday to spend a little over a week with Jim’s. Can’t wait to tell them our big news about the geekling!


One Response to “14! 14! 14!”

  1. michelle Says:

    crazy what all is going on inside your belly right now!

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