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Ju-Ni May 19, 2009

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Week twelve… I’m a bit late this week in posting because I recently traveled for 22 hours straight, stayed up for 37 hours after sleeping for only 3 1/2 and FINALLY got to see Jim after 8 long weeks apart.

We officially hit 11 weeks on Friday and are into week 12. This week:
-Our baby weighs a full half-ounce and is about the size of a large plum.
-Most of his/her systems are in place, but there is still a lot of development to take place.
-His/her fetal digestive system is beginning to practic contraction movements so that he can eat someday.
-His/her bone marrow is making white blood cells to protect against germs several months down the road (but I will still be that mom that makes you wash your hands before you touch my baby!).
-The baby’s pituitary gland has begun producing hormones that will enable him or her to make his or her own babies someday (if it’s a girl, some poor boy will have to get past Jim’s shotgun first, and that will be after she’s about 35).
-As for me, I am still experiencing a lot of nausea. I think it’s been worse this week, but it might just be because I have been waking up late and not eating until lunch. Baby (we’ve affectionately called him/her the beast when hungry) likes to eat.
-I’ve been having typical dizzy spells, something I experience quite often anyway, but have been worse lately.
-I’ve had some pretty regular headaches, but generally only on days I throw up.
-We’ve told some of our family members our news, but not all of them know yet, so mum’s still the word for a few more weeks. The ones who know couldn’t be more thrilled and we’re so excited about that.

Lots going on! I am SO glad to be on vacation!


One Response to “Ju-Ni”

  1. michelle Says:

    affecitionately called the beast ? is that possible! 🙂 hee he maybe that should be my nickname 😉

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