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Actually Ten May 2, 2009

Filed under: Pregnancy — mrsdangelo @ 10:54


Not much new to report. Since the due date changed and I’m actually nine weeks (and into my tenth week) now, the baby’s development is the information I posted last week.

As far as me, I’ve been having a LOT more nausea, all day long, with a lot of accompanying retching, but thankfully still no vomiting. Usually it doesn’t last all day, but it can come on strong any time of day. I ran this morning, though, and I made it 3 miles before I needed to walk. That’s a lot further than I’ve been making it lately, so that was good. I did a total 7.5 miles, but I only ran the 3. So it made up a bit for my lack of exercise this week. I was too nervous to exercise but the OB said that I should still do it and that if we were that fragile we’d all be extinct. šŸ™‚

14 days until my vacation to go see Jim and our families! Yay! In 14 days I’ll be on a plane heading to the States!


One Response to “Actually Ten”

  1. michelle Says:

    sorry you aren’t feeling good,, boooo! and glad you are still walking when your body doesn’t want you to run šŸ™‚ keep listening to your body šŸ™‚

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