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Ten April 25, 2009

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Our baby is now nine weeks old. We are now into our 10th week of development. Double digits!

This week:
-Our geekling is nearly an inch and a half long, about the size of a prune (but not all wrinkley)
-S/he is looking more and more like a sweet baby
-Bones and cartilage are forming
-Knees and ankles are beginning to form on his or her legs
-His or her arms can flex, but s/he is still so tiny that his or her arms are about the size of this letter I
-His or her little tooth buds are beginning to form under his or her gums now
-Our baby’s stomach is producing more digestive fluids, his or her kidneys are producing more urine
-If our geekling is a boy he’s already producing testosterone… preparing for teenage hell?
-As for me, I should continue with the symptoms I’ve been having. Great. I’m still so thirsty I could drink a lake. I’m drinking about a gallon of water a day, plus fruit juice, milk and a diet coke every few days
-I’ve been having major aversions to coffee this week. Just the thought of the smell (ugh) makes me nauseated
-I’ve also been having a lot more nausea, but thankfully no vomiting to accompany it
-I still can’t run a lot, but I’ve been trying to walk about 20 miles a week, trying to keep up my cardio, and I’ve been working out my stomach carefully, trying to exercise my kegel muscles for a swift and easy delivery in about 7 months
-I have my first doctor’s appointment on Thursday and I’m SO excited! I’m hoping and praying that everything is in good shape and that all is well with our sweet little geekling; I will get to see him/her on the ultrasound and hopefully s/he won’t be shy about letting me hear his or her heartbeat!



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  1. michelle Says:

    go kegel go

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